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Taman Bukit Serdang, 2-storey Terrace @ Taman Bukit Serdang, Seri Kembangan, Selangor

posted by mmw_property
3.92 rating from 37 votes.
Project Area Taman Bukit Serdang
Property Type Terrace Link (2 storey)
Location Taman Bukit Serdang, Seri Kembangan, Selangor
Taman Bukit serdang, Balakong, Malaysia
Tenure of Land Freehold
Price RM 313,000 – 528,000
Built-up 1,900 s.f.
20×75, 3r2b
Total Unit 84
Completion Date December 2007
Property Developer Bukit Ciri Sdn Bhd
Active Date 13 January 2006

Contribute: 1 by picky on 29 Oct 2008
this is really a nice place
Contribute: 60 by Nicholas27 on 05 Apr 2013
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Property Features

  • Kl-Seremban Highway, North-South Highway
  • Connection to Puchong, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya and KL
  • The MINES Shopping Complex
  • Pasar Borong Selangor
  • Alice Smith International School
  • Hospital
  • Chinese/Balinese Style
  • 9 inh thick sound-proof wall
  • 2 unit of Air Condition
  • Solar Power Heater


Taman Bukit Serdang Seksyen 2
Taman Bukit S...
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by picky(1) on 29 Oct 2008
this is really a nice place…beautiful
  • 5.0
by *ho on 04 Nov 2008
really a good view, i want to buy 2nd hand but no seller.
  • 4.5
by *Lee on 10 Nov 2008
Nice man, top hill of serdang. woth to buy.
  • 4.5
by *Allen on 14 Nov 2008
Well,anyone want to sell the property? Please let me know
  • 4.0
by *penny on 14 Nov 2008
night time should be very beautiful
  • 4.0
by *Kim on 14 Nov 2008
beautiful place, but expensive, cannot afford.
  • 1.0
by *spsy82 on 15 Nov 2008
believe there are still some lots yet to sell. anyone interested may call YY(the developer sales agent). Just went there a week ago, heard that some buyer released the reserved lot due to their personal issue. Selling price : RM358k to RM398k. Anyone bought the unit there? Lets build to have our own community team at Bkt Serdang?
  • 5.0
by *pickytan on 18 Nov 2008
i better wait for the second phrase, estimate will be complete mid of 2009, but the property price from RM378000. This is perfect.
  • 4.0
by *Wong on 19 Nov 2008
This housing area not bad, anyone want to sell the property in this area?
  • 4.0
by *Kit on 25 Nov 2008
show house damn beautiful, scenery nice. But the price a bit expensive.
  • 5.0
by *Kit2 on 25 Nov 2008
Kit, are u plan to buy a new house at the area? may be u can look for the phares 2, nice man.
  • 3.5
by *picky on 06 Jan 2009
Yesterday i go to show house, 2nd phrase also finish who said economic no good? But the house really very nice.
by *spsy82 on 25 Mar 2009
phase 3 is launching soon. Anyone interested can pay them a visit…selling price is cheaper than phase 2 coz the land smaller but build area is the same with phase 2.
  • 4.5
by mandylim(1) on 26 Mar 2009
i have paid visit to the phase 1 and 2 before. i like this place. i am interesting in phase 3. if i want to have a reserve of it, any discount for “early bird”? this is because of sales agent has offer me early bird discount when i visit the phase 2. at that time, the phase 2 has not be published to the public.
could anyone response to my comment? especially the developer sales agent.
besides, is spsy82 an agent?
thanks in advance.
by spsy82(1) on 02 May 2009
Hi Mandy, sorry to inform that i am not an agent. You may walk in to the show house and obtain more information about this phase 3 from the officer, YY. My sister in law went there last few week but according to her, they havent launch phase 3 yet. Anyway, you can still call up and ask about it.
PS : Apology for my late reply.
  • 4.0
by yeow318(1) on 25 May 2009
Where can i refer to get more information about phase 3 launch date ? Can anyone give a recomendation .
  • 4.0
by piyopiyo(3) on 26 May 2009
Do anyone know the phase 2 land is under bumiputra reserved land ( although is freehold)? and any risk if a chinese buying this property? How about phase 3 land status? I’m kind alike this properties…but worry about the bumi reserved land status…
  • 3.5
by *PVPH on 27 Jul 2009
As commented by piyopiyp, phase 2 and in fact coming phase 3 ’s land are bumiputra reserved land, anybody can feedback on the risk of buying such unit and any problem to resale in future? I also understand that only bumi bank is willing to loan to the buyer for theses lots and being rejected by non bumi bank on the housing loan application for these lot? Anybody can feedback on these?
by *spsy82 on 31 Jul 2009
You may further check at land office on the malay reserve land policy. FYI, i am non-bumi and i am taking loan from 1 of the local bank.
You may have to take loan from the developer panel bank as they will waive legal fees. try to call sales agent to get more information about the phase 3 launching and you may ask her about the panel bank and loan details.
I understand that phase 3 will only launch upon handing over of phase 2. And i have just checked with YY phase 2 handover tentatively target will be end of Aug09. However, still depends on the CF…
Pm me at my personal mail and i will provide you the contact number. Dont feel convenience to disclose her contact here.
Looknig forward to keep in touch with all Bkt Serdang phase 2 & 3 owners to build a committee team and together we have our safe honeguard.
  • 3.5
by piyopiyo(3) on 01 Aug 2009
Hi spsy82, Thanks for sharing with us. Btw, is that you are one of the owner for phase 2? Is yes, may i know what is the reason for the delay of handover for the phase 2, is that due to the CF issue or others? I also got a chance to view the house recently, and found there are some cracks on the building… have you notice it(Not sure how serious is it)?
For phase 3, it might be launch somewhere in Oct-09..this is the info i get, and the land size is slightly smaller, and price might also be slightly lower compare to phase 2, but not sure whether price will shot up later during launching..:<
by *spsy82 on 09 Aug 2009
hi piyopiyo,
yes, i m one of the phase 2 owner. its not an delay actually. they targetted end of the year. so it still consider “early” if they handover by aug or sep.
Yes, i noticed the wall cracking and heard from aent said they are inspecting. We cant do anything right now, wait till they handover we will see hows the condition.
Are you owner for phase 2 also?
mind to discuss further in email?
  • 4.0
by piyopiyo(3) on 13 Aug 2009
Hi spsy82.. i’m not owner for the phase 2…just that i interested with the house there..the only thing i’m still not own a house there is due to the land status…sorry to say that.. anyway..thanks for ur info..
by chubbyken(1) on 28 Sep 2009
the house is really beautiful!
is it really got problem with land title?
i am very tempted to buy one.
can someone advise?
also i notice some new bungalor launching beside it.
will there be land title issue also?
by ewin(1) on 04 Nov 2009
I heard phase 3 also finish sell already.
Anyone know is there still any available?
I wish to own one.
  • 3.5
by *Daniel on 08 Feb 2010
CF yet to settle, developer just blame and push all the things to owner. WHEN CAN GET THE CF????????????
  • 5.0
by *Jacky on 08 Feb 2010
I also heard that can’t FC is due to fews unit renovate did get approval. But in actual, the problem is Developer itself, it can’t get the CF is due to internal problems. Developer push all the resposible to owner. I agree with your saying Daniel. We also can sue developer for late submit CF.
  • 2.0
by arowana(1) on 19 Mar 2010
hi, I am the owner of Phase2 too. I have just got to know that the delay of CF is due to insufficient supply of water from the small water tank (including residents in the new apartment in front). Any updates from others? By the way, I am also surprise to see there are a few owners renovating their house already.
  • 3.0
by *Jacky on 06 Apr 2010
Hi arowana, actually is not the owner renovation issue. Developer make many problems on it, one of it is the Water Tank issue. Developer promise before mid of April will get the CF. U believe or not? I already no confident.
by *spsy82 on 09 Apr 2010
hi all, i am oso fed up with the explanation that developer given. from last year end they said will handover the key together with the cf but till today still blaming owner renovation, water tank, etc.
Any idea anything we can do to get the CF faster?
by *Jacky on 14 Apr 2010
I super fed up liao loh….......I think we should stand up together, complaint!!!!!!!!!!!!Any idea???
by *Vivian on 09 Jun 2010
i heard that until today, the CF issue is yet to settle for 2nd phase. as for the 3rd phase, most of the buyer has paid their earnest money in Oct but until today also yet to sign the S&P. Any comment from 3rd phase buyer?
by *Buyer on 09 Jun 2010
I’m one of the 3rd phase buyer who had paid the earnest money. I been understand that all the unit had been sold out since in Oct. But until now, still can’t sign the S&P! Why take such a long time? How about other buyer?
by *arowana on 03 Aug 2010
2nd phase CF still not ready!!!!!
  • 5.0
by spsy82 on 05 Sep 2010
hey all, sorry for my late reply. good news to all 2nd phase, i have gotten our CF…pls contact the developer to collect the CF….
to all neighbours, may i suggest to gather all email to have a better way to contact each other?
(“jacky”, “buyer”, “arowana”, can i hv ur email? since we are also the owner there, and we can gain higher power to push the developer IF there’s any problem)?
anyway, does anyone here happen to know the contact of upper management to handle complains? i have defects since we collected our key in 2009, till now still they cant settle. i cant seems to find the contact of the director or the better person can solve my problems…