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Menara Rajawali, Service Apartment @ SS15, Subang Jaya, Selangor

posted by d_luaz
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Property Type Serviced Apartment
Location SS15, Subang Jaya, Selangor
MENARA RAJAWALI – former MPSJ towed car placing area. Shah Alam, Malaysia
Tenure of Land Leasehold
Price RM 175,000 – 440,000
Built-up 400 – 1,150 s.f.
  • Type 1 Bedroom 112 units 400sq.ft
  • Type 2 Bedroom 56 units 750sq.ft
  • Type 3 Bedroom 28 units 1150sq.ft
Total Unit 196
Contact No. o3 5631 7811/o3 9172 3223/016 9789 968
Property Developer Link Ventures Sdn Bhd
Marketing Agent K.P. Harta
Active Date 17 October 2007 – 17 October 2001

Contribute: 1 by RWPurchaser on 22 Apr 2009
I’ve noticed the project has stopped or ‘abandoned’ for more than 5 months.
I am hoping Link Ventures is doing something before it is too late…....
Sad to see the side was full of ‘rubbish’ and anybody could go inside and become ‘sarang’ for drug addicts..
I am worried about my investment now….after pay up RM44.5k…. help!
Please advise, anybody out there…Thanks.
by *RWPurchaser on 18 May 2009
I was passing by the project side and noticed a lorry was clearing the rubbish. According to the Developer Representative.. Mr. Ben… they have changed the contractor and would be resuming the work by May, 2009.. well I don’t see any progress..
To Link Ventures….. you guys have lots to answer to the purchasers… Kalau tak mampu, janganlah cakap besar….!
Contribute: 1 by caseyliew on 18 May 2009
That said, the company seems really irresponsible. The people incharge, Mr Ben, ain’t answering calls. Let’s just say, he’s yet to answer my call, since a month ago!
The lady at the office seems helpless… not sure where to go now!
by *RWPurchaser on 13 Jun 2009
I would rather consider this investment ‘burnt’ ie. don’t even bother to check with the developer or Mr. Ben or the office lady… useless and disappointing, too.
This investment gone into the drain and this is ‘tak halal’ for them, let’s the ‘PERSON’ up there to decide their fates…
no comment so far…
Plan for the worst, hope for the best…. for all the purchasers. Even a few lawyers pun kena main… I am nothing if compared to them, syukurlah my family is not depending on this investment returns…
by *Randm on 16 Jun 2009
heard that they’re now in new negotiations with 2 potential groups…the current group failed in developing.. i also bought 1 unit.. sigh..
by *RWPurchaser on 28 Jun 2009
Good to hear that …
I bought a unit in Kota Damansara with the same type that renting out to SEGI college’s student with GRR = 8%.
The project is managed by Andaman (M) S/B.. the project is called COVA VILLA…..
Good management and no late delivery and in fact I got my keys 4 months earlier…
Good Luck folks… keep the fingers crossed….
Be positive…. cheers…
by *Randm on 29 Jun 2009
latest update, called up the lawyer to enquire about the developments, but as of today, still no progress yet.. fingers crossed, hopefully some good developer will take over..
Contribute: 1 by smallinvestor on 07 Aug 2009
Hi, just wonder if there is any new updates? May become an ‘eye sore’ in such a strategic SS15 location.
by *Tuntutan on 22 Sep 2009
Tak malu ke ???
Cakap tak serupa bikin ???
Kalau bodoh, mengaku saje….biar org lain buat…
tak guna punye cina… $$$$ muka aje…
Contribute: 1 by rjnprsd on 24 Sep 2009
I received a mail from lawyer called Peter Cheah& Co few days ago. The letter said that the developer Link Ventures is facing some problem and invited a new company called M-Con Engineering (also from Subang Jaya) to take over the project. But according to this letter, M-Con’s one of the proposed terms and condittion to take over the project is the purchasers to waive the entitlement to claim for LAD for late delivery of vacant possession for preiod of 2 years.
Im not sure if anyone else recevied the similar letter? If so, can you please advice me.
Im thinking of check with my lawyer before I decide.
Contribute: 1 by abctoproperty on 28 Sep 2009
ya i also received the same mail a few days back. I am still deciding whether to or not to waive the claim for LAD and looking for other options. Anyone who has seek legal advice please post what other options do we have? thanks in advance.
by *RWpurchaser on 29 Sep 2009
I have not received the mail yet…however the Late Delivery of Vacant possession penalty is quite a big sum.
My humble opinion is, we have no choice because if the matter is bought to court, it takes years to get back your money.. as long as they stick to the GRR …. Please advise..It is quite relieved to hear that someone is willing to take over the project… Good Luck…
by *RWPurchaser on 01 Oct 2009
Dear All,
I submitted the offer because I rather forfeit the LDA but I want my property. It will generate income which is more than the LDA and the value sure goes up…
Good Luck… just think long term…7-10 years…
cheers !
by *aaron on 17 Oct 2009
hi i am also the purchaser but i haven received any letter from Peter Cheah and co, can some one give me the phone no of the legal firm, so i able to contact them.
i think i rather waive the penalty and get my property as soon as possible, as you all know, subang price is now around RM400 psf.
by *investor on 11 Nov 2009
anyone know if there is any more unit for sales. i am interested to buy 1 unit for investment
by *aaron on 15 Nov 2009
no more unit available, new owner keep all
by *Raj on 30 Nov 2009
I dont know if it is a gimmick or what by the old and new owner, but there is a new cranes and some movement at the site. If anyone knows any latest development, please update this forum. TQ
by *cheong_kk on 16 Jan 2010
Any updates on the development. I also bought one unit.
by *Randm on 09 Mar 2010
Cheong, what size and how much was it did you buy?
by *cheong_kk on 26 Apr 2010
Small Unit. RM180K
by *RWPurchaser on 29 Apr 2010
The developer just asked for 5% payment, the project is on again …..bila siap? Tak tahu lagi… but at least the cranes are there day & night ….
Contribute: 1 by Glenn on 18 May 2010
Hi guys,
Normally when projects are delayed, the project or previous owners of the project owes money to the contractors, etc resulting in the contractors abandoning the works because they are not being paid. It is uncommon for contractors to abandon projects if the paymaster is good.
Therefore, when things like this happen, make sure you guys get good legal advice BEFORE you even decide to forgo the LAD claims and whatnot. Remember, if the Purchaser delays in payment you think developers will give “interest-free” goodwill? NEVER!
But the other things is, if the project is undertaken by new people, it would mean that the previous owner got away easily with all your money? And you guys are just gonna let him go? That’s daylight robbery to me.
Some form of compensation must be negotiated with the current owners because I am sure the current owners would have made some negotiations too with the previous owner. The new owner too knows of the LAD problem, etc. otherwise he would not even think of investing in the abandoned project unless he can make some profit.
The time has come for Purchasers to stand for their rights rather than just forgo it just because they do not want the “hassle” but in doing so, they allow themselves of being “robbed” of their hard earned cash. Report to the authorities, the Ministry of Housing, etc. and get those responsible blacklisted. At least there will not be future cases with similar Directors/Shareholders disguising themselves under a new company.
By the way, there was a Winding Up Petition against Link Ventures last year. Check page 8 of this website:’A’%20Track%2025-29.5.09.pdf
I hope this helps. Good luck guys. I am totally against this kind of developers.
Contribute: 1 by emmanual on 13 Jul 2010
Dear Friends.
Im replying here on behalf of Impact Recovery Collection Agency.We are now persuing this company so called Link Ventures Sdn.Bhd. They owe our client RM600,000. We can try to help to get back your money and its depend on your documents.
Please email to me for those who are interested.
Thank you
Contribute: 1 by Ms_Chew on 10 May 2011
Lately there are agents inform me that there are few units for sale. But, one thing no good is that you have to leaseback @6% base on the SAP price to the developer for 5 years. Furthermore, you have located 4 mths renovation period w/o rental. You need to pay for the quit rent, maintenance fees, insurance, assessment fee and the bank interest. Ended up the return is not enough to paid for the bank interest…After 5 years, the fitting & furniture is about to change to a new one. You will receive a junk house after 5 years and with a high upkeep to do. And, the developer can cancel the leaseback agreement but not you. After the above reconsideration, I give out…:P, how’s about you?
by *lum_jojo99 on 14 Feb 2012
good news …. for all purchaser
Contribute: 1 by walaueh on 20 Feb 2012
got agent want to sell me at 550/sft and told me previous problem solved…..and project will complete by Aug 2012… that a lie? the site looks like partially active and one crane on top but at the rate it is going, i doubt! a project which will complete in 2 months wld be very busy with contractors going in and out and noise…...but not in this case! any clue what’s happening?
by *lum_jojo99 on 29 Feb 2012
if anything intreasted to know more please call 0192283333.
thank you
Contribute: 1 by sharon.yap on 02 Apr 2013
Hi guys, i receive few letters on regarding to the LAD claim issue from the new developer throughout their delay period. until recently, i couldn’t take it no more but to initiate a call to them. Oh i tell you, they were ‘KIND’. they mentioned to me on all whatever they obligated to do to compensate to us. they said “to compensate the purchase, we upgrade (add more) lift for our usage, they free 3 years maintenance fee to us, they upgrade the internal facilities for us at their own cost. Most of all, they will pay us the penalty.” OOOH i tell you, i was impressed. they asked me to go to their office to verify all previous payment in order to claim the penalty fee. however, when i ask how much is the amount of penalty they are paying me. they reply “MYR3,000 plus”. I replied ‘thank you’ politely and hang up… by the way, according to them, they claimed that they are delivering the CF and key to us this month. is this right?
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Property Features

  • Just next to ITI College/ opposite to McDonald’s & Starbuck
  • Centralized Broadband Internet Access
  • Intercom System
  • Built in Kitchenette
  • Security Access System
  • Security Alarm System
  • Excellent potential for property appreciation given its prime & strategic location. Current forecast stands at 5% (+/-) growth per year at Petaling Jaya & Subang Jaya.


hav u guys come across this & comment!!
hav u guys co...
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by *RWPurchaser on 13 Jun 2009
You may CHECK OUT the link below to have a look of what they said about the project… 75% sold bla.bla bla.. to be completed by end of 2009…blah blahh….
Good luck my friends…
by *Randm on 13 Jul 2009
new group has been appointed to take over the project. the group name is unknown at the moment pending public announcement. good luck to us all!
by emmanual(1) on 13 Jul 2010
Dear Friends.
Im replying here on behalf of Impact Recovery Collection Agency.We are now persuing this company so called Link Ventures Sdn.Bhd. They owe our client RM600,000. We can try to help to get back your money and its depend on your documents.
Please email to me for those who are interested.
Thank you
by *buyer on 18 Apr 2011
hi, i am looking at menara rajawali sub-sales. anybody plan to sell his/her unit, please email to thanks
by gmessi(1) on 27 Apr 2011
hi all,
im interested in any sub-sales for menara rajawali. please contact me via for those who want to sell your unit. Thanks.
interested buyer.
by *james on 13 May 2011
god help anyone out there….some one want sale to me rm600k but he want rm50k under table..what is this/ any one pls tell me..tq
by *tajiemas on 23 May 2011
is the project still on? who is the developer now?
by samson(1) on 24 Dec 2011
Yes, the project still going on. Anyone interest can drop me a mail. I got 12 units on hand for sales.
Asking price RM580psf.
by *cheng on 25 Dec 2011
who is the new developer? what company name ? wat type u hav samson??
by maplin(9) on 30 Dec 2011
The project is delayed again after the buyer compromised on the LD charges. I think we as a the buyer must get together and fight for at least get the developer to pay for the intrest charged by the bank. If we keep quite they will delay further. FYI, the developer owns almost 30% of the units there. Imagine amount of appreciation the would have earn since the project launched in 2007!!
by xstaff(1) on 14 Feb 2012
Hye all,
I’m ex-staff of this rajawali project…
FOR EVERYBODY INFORMATION the developer now still LINK VENTURE SDN BHD address at NO.66, JLN SS15/4C, SUBANG JAYA and the contractor name is M-CON ENGINEERING SDN BHD address at NO. 73, JLN SS15/4C..always problem…
just short announcement…
the contractor haven yet payed my EPF for the year 2010.. epf only little amount they cannot about the project in big amount?? think of that!
since i’m working with them i always get my salary very late in a month and every week push “u all” to pay the progress but now also heard that still problem….
They promises to completed sep’2011 rite??
inside the construction also they doesn’t follow the spec.
my SUGGESTION…Y not you all get meeting with them and bring it this cases
by *lum_jojo99 on 14 Feb 2012
now already more than 85% build
by jay(3) on 25 Feb 2012
maplin im one of the buyer as well. how can i email you and discuss this matter with you.
by maplin(9) on 29 Feb 2012
Hi Jay,
My email id is
Hi xstaff
Thank you so much for your information. Is it possible to have the information of the other buyer (contact #). If we able to gather all the buyers, I beleive we can able to push the developer to pay for the intrest and other costs. Hope you can help.
By the way any otehr buyer in this forum?
by *Eddy on 29 Feb 2012
Hi All,
Just wondering, did you all signed to waive off the LAD charges? My email is
I have a studio unit there.
by KenaConKaoKao(2) on 02 Mar 2012
I have a unit there on the 11th floor and together with my group of friends, we should represent about 10 – 15 units or so over here. A couple of years back we did have an informal group but that slowly died down. This was because there were new owners and empty promises.
Now there is another new owner (ref. public notice in the newspapers recently) and so this time around, we are looking to resume our talks and claim back whatever is due to us via legal channels.
Whoever is interested to join our group, please contact me at
Best regards.
by KenaConKaoKao(2) on 02 Mar 2012
Continued from above … By the way, none of our group members had agreed to waive the LAD nor did we agree to their 2nd request to pay at the beginning of every stage. All this while, we stood by our guns and just ignored whatever request they made.
As of now, my unit on the 11th floor is already 95% paid … god help me when I see the actual condition and what they really put inside …
by maplin(9) on 05 Mar 2012
They have claimed almost 80% for my unit which is located on the 15th floor. Its 3 room worth RM430K in 2008. I dont think they have completed even 50% of the job. Any one tried top call Ben? His # is 016 8302026.
Hope we can put some pressure to get them pay for the intrest accured.
by *Maplin on 06 Apr 2012
Hi, Just received a letter from Link Venture today. They are claiming another 15% for “internal plastering”. Im really doubt they have completed the internal plastering based on the activity going on at the site. Anyone else received the similar claims?
by *Samaritan on 06 Apr 2012
I suggest that you call up the Architect and check with them if indeed everything is in order. They have a responsibility to check the progress before they issue their certificate. They can be liable if it is not. Progress payments are claimed and paid based on the Architect’s certification. Suggest you put some pressure on them.
by jay(3) on 09 Apr 2012
hi maplin and kenaconkaokao, i will contact u guys in email. yesterday i went there and have a look, they are doing something there and i asked an indian guy standing at the entrance. he say maybe need another 6 months to complete everything…im not sure what he said can be trusted or not but just to let u guys know. i will email u guys and see whats your plan next.
by poorpurchaser(1) on 30 Apr 2012
I have a unit on 12flr. Thinking of selli ing it. Unfortunely it is not easy to find buyer due to loan issue. The unit is 95 percent claimed. Maplin, you may call the architect 0380763403 to find out more and if you are not happy with the answer, you may lodge a complain with lembaga arkitek malsysia.
by *Eddy on 15 May 2012
Hi Guys, any updates about the LAD claims?
Looks like the site is progressing well now…
by *tajiemas on 26 May 2012
hi, i have a unit as well..2 years delayed already..the new mgmt Mr Lee Chun Yew. (hp 016.2286919)
perhaps we could gather and see him in a group. fight for our right!
by *KenaConKaoKao on 09 Jun 2012
I have not visited the site lately but if the progress is going well as mentioned above, then I think we should leave the developer alone to complete it as fast as possible without distraction eg. LAD claims for now. After it is completed, then only we sit down with them to discuss LAD.
by *maplin on 11 Jun 2012
I agree with KenaConKaoKao, but if we don’t put some sort of pressure, i afraid the developer will take their own sweet time to complete the project. By the way, saw some progress at the site. We should have a meeting with the developer to find out more on the completion date. Anyone in?
by jay(3) on 14 Jun 2012
maplin, completion date is not our main concern because they already say will be completed around august. we are more concerned about the LAD claims.
by *KenaConKaoKao on 15 Jun 2012
My hope is for them to complete the project soonest possible … Later only sit down and talk with the developer. If I were the developer, I would also want to finish it quickly without people kacau-ing me for problems created by the earlier developer. I am sure they did not take over the project without investment and since they have invested in the project, I think their priority too will be to complete it asap. As long as there is progress going on, I am happy.
by *one on 13 Jul 2012
anybody has an idea what the studio unit is worth/selling for now?
by *wtf on 28 Jul 2012
any updates guys?
by fabianong(1) on 26 Aug 2012
Hi All, me interested to buy any unit at menara rajawali, can sms :016-7784382
by *KenaConKaoKao on 05 Oct 2012
Good news, I heard the new developer is rushing the project to complete by Dec 2012, if not then by CNY 2013. Finally everything is sorted out and our patience has paid off. I hope this is true and look forward to close this unfortunate chapter. Thank god everything worked out well in the end and the project can be completed.
by *wtf on 16 Oct 2012
at first say august 2012…now cny 2013. ask them go f**k themselves lah. you said so many good things for them im very sure you are working for them.
by *KenaConKaoKao on 18 Oct 2012
wtf, no I do not work for them laa. Just like you I am a buyer. What can we do except hope for the best ? We all can see progress at the site, so for now all i can do is wait.
  • 1.5
by tajiemas(3) on 20 Oct 2012
  • 2.0
by tajiemas(3) on 20 Oct 2012
Buyers! we need to report to Housing Tribunal Board. this is too much already. never negotiate with them. we should claim late delivery charges!
by *Eddy on 02 Nov 2012
KCKK – Are we still pursuing them as a group on the LAD? Thanks.
by *KCKK on 03 Nov 2012
Better ask someone else to take the lead. It seems that my strategy may not be agreeable by all.
I drove by myself last weekend and all the external scaffolding is gone. The painting and exterior looks to be completed.
I think its progressing well but I dunno about the inside. I will wait until they complete & handover before thinking about LAD. My position is the same as my last few posts, I do not want to kacau the new developer with problems created by the old one. Let them finish the job at hand, then I will think of my next move. Buyers have 6 years to claim LAD.
I suggest the rest should visit and see for themselves, then we can discuss here. Just visit first, then we talk.
by *wtf on 05 Nov 2012
i pass by almost everyday and it looks complete but no news whatsoever…stop wasting our time and get things done @$$hole
by maplin(9) on 02 Jan 2013
Any news from the developer? Why they never update us the progress one? F**king developer…
by *Ed on 15 Jan 2013
Passed by last week, and the staircase lights were on. At least there is still progress…
by *buyer on 22 Jan 2013
Developer sent registered mail asking for full records of transaction. Dun know what they have in mind to avoid LAD!!!
by *LAD on 22 Jan 2013
I also received today. Should we go and see them as requested ?
by *Ed on 23 Jan 2013
Havent got mine yet. What was the content of letter?
by *Ed on 25 Jan 2013
Guy, any of you met with them? What was the purpose?
I am trying to reach them as I have changed my address. Anyone here know what is the updated phone number and PIC? Thanks…
by maplin(9) on 25 Jan 2013
Hi guys, here is the link (
to the letter i received recently from the developer (Link Ventures S/B). Hope this will be helpful for you. By the way, did anyone met them for the so called “verification of the purchaser record? Please update the outcome. Thank you
by *Ed on 26 Jan 2013
They just wanted to verify on previous documents and also get emergency contact details for tenaga national application.. They also gave another form for lad waiver…
by *jay on 26 Jan 2013
i got the letter too and they ask us to prepare transaction documents before 30th of jan. sounds fishy to me
by *jay on 26 Jan 2013
so any of you guys going to their office and submit all those documents before 30th?
by *Ed on 29 Jan 2013
Went. They need to verify all the transactions only. The clerk girl handling it previously had resigned and left a mess.
They also gave another LAD waiver form.
Expected completion in March.
by *jay on 29 Jan 2013
hey ed, so did u agree with the LAD waiver and the ridiculous small amount of compensation? did u fill up the emergency contact for tnb as well?
by ammeliawong(2) on 30 Jan 2013
Hi, I also purchaser of Menara Rajawali. Email : Supposed to see M-Con as stated by the others. Can someone take the lead or shall we form a group to get back some compensation from the late delivery. Pls advise. Tq
by *wtf on 31 Jan 2013
they gave plenty of nonsense excuse and claim to only be able to afford rm4,000 as compensation for being 2 and a half years late.(whereas they are supposed to compensate at least rm40,000 as stated in agreement) and the rm4,000 is not cash payment, they will deduct from the sinking fund/maintenance etc. are you dumb enough to sign the LAD waiver form? the guys in charge will bluff you into thinking many purchasers signed the form…please don’t be a fool. we need to sue in order to get back what we’ve lost and we totally deserve full compensation.
by *applehello on 31 Jan 2013
Hi, I’m one of the purchasers as well, wtf, you are right, we should fight to get back what we deserve, don’t let them treat us as idiot. Pls count me in if you guys proceed to any legal action. My email is….Thanks
by maplin(9) on 31 Jan 2013
Im with WTF. I took back the new LAD waiver form which for me looks like the developer treat us like a dumb ***. To compensate on the so called improvment on the project ex: add aditional lift at lobby and car park, upgrade the key card system and etc is non of our business. HOPE NO ONE SIGN THE FORM!!!!!! Count me in if taking legal action. TQ
by *LAD on 31 Jan 2013
Is there a lawyer among us who can do some research and advice us ? Maybe we should meet up to discuss ?
by ammeliawong(2) on 31 Jan 2013
Can Maplin or Kenakonkaokao or …. take the lead and compile the interested purchasers emails and meet up for a discussion? We have 4 or 5 emails now. Pass the word around and try to get more people to form the group. TQ
by *kckk on 31 Jan 2013
I have complied the list here for all.
Just copy, paste, add on your email and re-post it here.
This way, the list can grow and we can be in touch.
1. eddy –
2. maplin –
3. ammeliawong –
4. applehello –
5. kckk –
by *Sue on 31 Jan 2013
Count me in, I am also purchaser for 2 rooms type.whatever they did or said has no standing.Do not sign any unknown document. If they need detail, get those from lawyer, simple as that. We have lost so much of our interest, opportunities and time. Just be fair and go accordance with the S&P. My email see you guys.
by *applehello on 31 Jan 2013
i heard from one of the purchasers, he told me he had met with developer in ss15 office and was being told the same compensation $4k only. This purchaser responded to developer if this is the treatment of $4k, he will not lease back to developer. in my opinion, this is not really pay off what we have lost for these years. We Must Stand Up for our view, and get back the compensation through legal way. Some purchasers may not know about this blog, please contact them so we can group more people here.
by maplin(9) on 01 Feb 2013
Please check this website. Is it worth to lodge a complain with them? Feel free to comment on this.
by maplin(9) on 01 Feb 2013
I used to comunicate with some of the purchasers in the past. Below is their email update.
1. eddy –
2. maplin –
3. ammeliawong –
4. applehello –
5. kckk –
6. kee chin yuan
7. PW-
by *Ed on 06 Feb 2013
Guys, No I did not signed the waiver. Adding name list: –
Btw, I am not the leader of this group, so guys please add your names here, instead of emailing me. :)
1. eddy –
2. maplin –
3. ammeliawong –
4. applehello –
5. kckk –
6. kee chin yuan
7. PW-
by *Sue on 06 Feb 2013
I added my:-
1. eddy –
2. maplin –
3. ammeliawong –
4. applehello –
5. kckk –
6. kee chin yuan
7. PW-
9 KK –
by *wtf on 06 Feb 2013
the last one is my email…looks like nobody here signed the lad waiver form. m-con trying to con ppl ar
1. eddy –
2. maplin –
3. ammeliawong –
4. applehello –
5. kckk –
6. kee chin yuan
7. PW-
9 KK –
10. jay/wtf –
by *wtf on 06 Feb 2013
i wonder where are the rest of purchasers…where can we gather more people? make fb page/group? make website or forum? what should we do next and how can we win this war to get back what we deserve? any suggestions?
by maplin(9) on 07 Feb 2013
Hi, just came across this thread in lowyat. maybe some buyers amoung who commented. But the background of the developer/ main con sound scary in this thread….
by tajiemas(3) on 12 Feb 2013
11th –
1. eddy – 2. maplin – 3. ammeliawong – 4. applehello – 5. kckk – 6. kee chin yuan 7. PW- 8. 9 KK – 10. jay/wtf –
11. tajiemas –
by *applehello on 13 Feb 2013
i have just met up with the developer, it is very clear that the developer has no intention to compensate us and told me to proceed for legal action. i felt very frustrated.
right now we have 6-7 purchasers in this group, i suggest we make up decision now and meet up with a lawyer asap? let me know your thoughts
by *kckk on 15 Feb 2013
applehello, your email is bouncing. Pls rectify error. Thks.
by *applehello on 15 Feb 2013
Hi, my email is
by *Menu on 27 Feb 2013
Hi please add me in the loop. Thanks
by Menu12(1) on 27 Feb 2013
If any one has a 3 bed room unit and you need a buyer please let me know. A friend is looking to purchase one unit 2 bed and 3 bedroom may email him directly at He is from Australia
by ericthng(1) on 12 Mar 2013
I am not an owner but interested in buying a 2-room unit at reasonable price. However, I do not wish to get involved with all those LAD mess. When things settle and anybody interested in selling, please contact me at Thank you.
  • 5.0
by *TraTangtang on 13 Mar 2013
Found this article about menara rajawali.
  • 5.0
by *Chris on 19 Mar 2013
Hi Owner , I got ready buyer interested at
menara rajawali 3 room type unit.
if any owner interested to let go ,
pls do let me know , 017-2577033 ,
thanks :D
by *jay on 22 Mar 2013
hi holding 400+ sqft..thinking bout to sell tht..anyone interested??..
by *poobalq on 22 Mar 2013
hi guys..add me into the mail having a studio type..btw, heard tht the key will be given soon, is tht true? far i didnt sign any..
by *mhspeng on 23 Mar 2013
Hi.. anyone can advise how much does the 2 bedroom unit cost now?
  • 5.0
by *Chris on 25 Mar 2013
Hi Jay , on hand got buyer interested , can u pls let me know how much u want to sell? email me , thx
by taryyaki(1) on 29 Mar 2013
Hi, I m a property agent. I have a corner unit for sale.
Built up: 736sf
Asking: 430k
Bedroom: 2
by *kckk on 30 Mar 2013
This article appeared in The Star today.
It describes the position that we are in, except there is no new developer taking over from the original developer.
I think it still applies to us all too ?
I have shortened the link here—>
by sharon.yap(1) on 02 Apr 2013
Hi, pls add me in this list. i am also one of the purchaser. thought that i was helpless, not till my husband show me this blog…
my email:
by *sharonyap on 03 Apr 2013
Hi guys, i receive few letters on regarding to the LAD claim issue from the new developer throughout their delay period. until recently, i couldn’t take it no more but to initiate a call to them. Oh i tell you, they were ‘KIND’. they mentioned to me on all whatever they obligated to do to compensate to us. they said “to compensate the purchase, we upgrade (add more) lift for our usage, they free 3 years maintenance fee to us, they upgrade the internal facilities for us at their own cost. Most of all, they will pay us the penalty.” OOOH i tell you, i was impressed. they asked me to go to their office to verify all previous payment in order to claim the penalty fee. however, when i ask how much is the amount of penalty they are paying me. they reply “MYR3,000 plus”. I replied ‘thank you’ politely and hang up… by the way, according to them, they claimed that they are delivering the CF and key to us this month. is this right?
by *wtf on 03 Apr 2013
sharon they said the same thing to everyone. btw the penalty is not even cash, as i remembered he said he will use it to deduct the sinking fund/maintenance etc.
by *Pak on 14 Apr 2013
hi all,
im interested in any sub-sales for menara rajawali. please contact me via for those who want to sell your unit. Thanks.
interested buyer.
by *kckk on 15 Apr 2013
What size are you looking for and what price are you offering ?
by *jay on 28 Apr 2013
hi all…does anyone got the key?..they were saying the key will be given by this month..seems the month going to be end..
by swimmer(1) on 21 May 2013
kckk, what size you have for sale?
by Lynn_70(1) on 31 May 2013
i’m interested in 400+ sqft.
ps contact me via , thanks.
best regards
by *kckk on 06 Jun 2013
Swimmer, I have a studio unit that I may consider to sell at the right price. Do you have a price in mind to offer ? I have no idea what the market price is now, perhaps you have an idea ?
by *kckk on 12 Jun 2013
Does anybody have any idea how much is the market rate for a 1br and a 2br unit today ? Thks.
by *Ivan on 17 Jun 2013
Im interested in buying a 2 and 3 bedrooms unit,
any owner that is keen to sell please call me up @ 010-212 8783
by *ammelia on 18 Jun 2013
Anyone received the key to the condo?? What’s the latest?
by *CLH on 27 Jun 2013
What is the status ? Any owner receive the key from developer ??
by *jay on 29 Jun 2013
Hi all…I received letter from the lawyer…nothing much to say..anyone reveice the key..?
by *applehello on 02 Jul 2013
can share the letter content? I didn’t receive anything including the key…
by *CLH on 12 Jul 2013
Can see few units light is on during the night. Any owner receive the key from the developer ??
by andylow(1) on 12 Jul 2013
is it worth to buy at 736 square feet …at 520k???? 2 bedroom 2 bathroom
by *jay on 17 Jul 2013
no keys yet…dunno what the hell the developer want!!! forever delay
by *Merlin on 17 Jul 2013
Pending CCC from Govt eg. BOMBA, TNBP
by *CLH on 22 Jul 2013
Should have gotten the CCC by now because the developer suppose to handover the key in April (Sharon Yao comment on 3 April)
by *AlexanderGoh on 23 Jul 2013
Hi, I am a property Agent, I have a ready buyer. Any unit wish to sell, please contact me @ 017-3527373. to view it on the coming Friday, 26/07/2013, after 12.00 noon.
by *kua.iPROP on 25 Jul 2013
CF out…now having limited units for immediate sale. Pls Call if keen… 1st come basis with 3% non refundable earnest deposit. TQ
kua 016-3386166
by *Interested on 25 Jul 2013
How much are you selling for and what sizes ? Do the banks give loans for this property ? Or is the project still on Black List and need to be CASH Purchaser ?
by *jay on 27 Jul 2013
since last couple of months always sees someone interested tu buy the unit..i too recieved mails..but when i replied, no 1 reply back..dunno what going on…
by *ammelia on 29 Jul 2013
I also received the letter of Delivery of vacant possession on Sat, 27/7/13 but dated 18 July 2013, and notice of 14 days from date of the letter to take possession of the premises; i.e. by 1st August 2013.
Thought we supposed to rent back to them as signed earlier for 3 years of tenancy?? What happens now???
Can someone advise what is the best action to take??
by *Tary on 30 Jul 2013
Hi Owner, i m a property agent. Anybody interested to sell menara rajawali? Pls contact me 0163205550. Keen buyer looking to purchase.
by tonytan(1) on 31 Jul 2013
I have a unit with 736 sq ft. 2bed rooms and 2 baths. How much can I sell. please call me if you know the price. 016-3018851 tony
  • 5.0
by *Tan on 31 Jul 2013
I have 2 units (Studio). If interested, how much is your buyer willing to offer ?
by *kua.iPROP on 10 Aug 2013
I am fulltime agent based in subang usj. Feel free to consult me, TQ. 016-33 6166
by *kckk on 14 Aug 2013
We are having a meeting this Saturday (17/8) morning at Restoran Hassan (same row as Link Venture’s office but at the corner near to MacD). Time is 9.00 am. If you can, do join us. Agents also can join in, who knows maybe some are eager to sell ???
by interest.buyer(1) on 17 Aug 2013
Hi kckk and guys, are you guys still meeting up this morning? I’m at Hassan already but see no one here. It’s the one next to kfc ss15 right?
by *kckk on 18 Aug 2013
Dear “interest buyer”, yes we were there, a couple even came before 9.00 am and some came later. Are you the “A****r” that was sitting at another table and joined us a little later ?
by DonSee(1) on 24 Aug 2013
Hi All, I’ve went to visit the place, honestly say! this it’s the worst services apartment I’ve ever seen, especially the lift wow…. Good luck
by Stevenchong(1) on 25 Aug 2013
Hi Don, I agree with u, the lift its totally out of shape, I’ve wondered why mpsj can approved this project.
  • 5.0
by *John on 29 Aug 2013
Im interested in buying a 2 and 3 bedrooms unit,
any owner that is keen to sell please sms/ call me up @ 016 – 291 0831. Thanks.
by *Superman on 31 Oct 2013
What would be the selling price now?
by VIVI_123(1) on 12 Dec 2013
The major problem with this building is the improper dustbin area allocation which is right in front of the electric room on each floor. This is not accordingly to standard SOP and MBSJ approved for CF? Dustbin area without water supply (for cleaning) but yet near the electric room which should not be with water. Is this suggesting no cleaning allow at dustbin area? Ridiculous! Please log report to MBSJ. As many as possible…
by *ammelia on 30 Dec 2013
Anyone attend the meeting with MPSJ on taksiran
by *leech on 05 Feb 2014
Hi guys, I just came across this sharing. I would like to join the LD claim also. My email
Can someone help to add me in your email loop? Thanks ya…
by *grace on 10 Sep 2014
I’minterested in buying a 2 bedroom unit, any owner that is keen to sell, pld email to me
email address :