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Magna Ville @ Selayang, Selangor

posted by mmw_property
3.20 rating from 81 votes.
Property Type Condominium
Location Selayang, Selangor
Magna Ville, Selayang Baru, Malaysia
Tenure of Land Leasehold
Price RM 248,888
Built-up 913 – 1,259 s.f.
  • Type A1 (1206sf)
  • Type A2 (1261sf)
  • Type B1 (946sf)
  • Type B2 (1030sf)
  • Type C1 (928sf)
  • Type C2 (913sf)
  • Type C3 (1001sf)
  • Type C4 (936sf)
  • Type D1 (1025sf)
Bumi Discount 7 %
Total Unit 1074
Completion Date March 2010
Contact No. 03 6137 3388
Property Developer Magna Park Sdn Bhd
Active Date 19 January 2007 – 11 September 2008
(known to be active for 1 years 7 months)

Contribute: 2 by d_luaz on 11 Sep 2008
The Minimum selling price had been revised from RM 139,000 to RM 248,888.
Currently, the developer are offering 16% Guaranteed Rental Returns to limited units only (2 years @ 8% per year)
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Property Features

  • 2 Swimming Pools
  • Indoor badminton court
  • Half basketball court
  • BBQ area
  • Selayang Mall, Selayang Hospital, Giant Hypermarket, Pasar Borong Selayang, SK Taman Prima, Commercial Centre
  • 24-hour security


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by deknor77(1) on 02 Dec 2008
bagi Magna Ville Condo Selayang, mana lagi facility spt pawagam mini, nurseri/pusat jagaan kanak2, dewan serbaguna, perpustakaan/pusat tusyen, kafe, dobi, gimnasium, pasaraya mini, kws katering dan minum, taman permainan kanak2 dan kemudahan broadband tersedia dan akses wi-fi seperti yg tertera dlm flyers..
  • 3.0
by coolpix(1) on 27 Dec 2008
the biggest unit 1259sf should be provided with 2 free car park… 18 units perfloor(until 17th.), 3 lifts.. quite congested.. those facilities are quite standard nowadays in condo projects.. or maybe almost similar/equivalent
  • 4.5
by *hafdi on 16 Mar 2009
siap ni aku nak jual
by yusrik(1) on 19 Mar 2009
Hello MagnaVille buyers,
i was informed by the sales agent that magna park is facing a petition by one of its sub-con to have the court freeze its assets.
magna park is now asking the buyers to support them by signing a letter indicating that the buyer is opposing the petition against magna park.
can i as the buyer agree/disagree to this idea?
can anyone provide his/her opinion soon?
  • 2.5
by *tokbi on 27 Apr 2009
Hi everyone!
I bought one unit of this condo, type A1..mine is provided with 2 parking lots. I was told that during the first 24 months I still have to pay for maintenance fees. What do u think guys. is it fair if we ask for maintenance free during that period?
One more thing, any updates from construction site?
by *zul on 27 Apr 2009
tokbi: actt da construction now is internal construction.. i’m juz round at da project area, N they told dis coming sept. da condo completing..
by *Nin on 04 May 2009
just went to Magna Ville last week…. So far ok la…small… but the ceiling is tooooo lowww!!!! Did you guys checked it out? I was quite disappointed with that….
  • 0.5
by *tokbi on 04 May 2009
I agree with u Nin,
the ceiling is very low…rooms are small, small and cheap tiles used for investment units…I’m dissappointed…
by *Nin on 05 May 2009
Tokbi, which block did you buy?
  • 0.5
by *tokbi on 11 May 2009
Nin, mine is block A, unit A1… if they use cheap materials for investment units, why don’t they reduce the selling price???
by *Nin on 11 May 2009
Same unit! That’s right! the price and results doens’t seem to match! It looks like a low cost apartment!
by *tokbi on 12 May 2009
Yupp!!! It looks like a low cost flat from inside, everywhere looks narrow, especially the balcony and backyard…The 3rd room is like an open store room…no door!!
by *reza on 12 May 2009
hi magna buyers, 4 me da condo is ok, bcoz i buy early.. the price still low.. Rm142,000 (936sqt).. tokbi N nin, why u guys still buy that condo if u’ll know da material use is cheap.. I’m don’t understand!!!
by *tokbi on 13 May 2009
Reza, u r so lucky…I knew after I bought it…
by *reza on 13 May 2009
tokbi, why u not check everything at da showroom.. after u satisfy, then u buylarrr.. so how much u buy? now da price is very high rite..
by *Nin on 13 May 2009
Haiz… What to do… Well, I knew the size was going to be like that and so as the material… but then… THE CEILINGGGGG!! that one is unacceptable!!! Their finishing is also not that good.Thats the frustrating part!!. Check out block b and c… and compare it to block a… look at the walls… you’ll notice the kecacatan.. it’s so obvious… I have progressive photos of the condo in and out if you want.. I’ll post it somewhere…
by *reza on 13 May 2009
Nin, is it different material they use compare with block b and c?? can u email da photo 2 me..
by *tokbi on 15 May 2009
actually they didn’t mention about the different until that day… I didn’t expect that there would quality different btw investmnt and non-investment unit….mine is Bolck A, unit A1, priced $343300…
by *reza on 15 May 2009
wat?? dat price can buy double storey larr,i thought ur price unit around rm250000 something.. i’m so surprised.. so u buy 4 staying or investment?
by *Nin on 18 May 2009
Hey guys, sorry for not gettin back to u soon. Have been super busy. Anyways, I’ll try to email you the pictures within this week.. the defect I saw is from the outside (the obvious one).. as for the inside I’m not that sure yet.. I was just above to go in the building 3 weeks ago.
by *reza on 18 May 2009
ello guys, nin.. so which part you’ll notice kecacatan, wall or ceiling..N I want 2 know, is’it different material they use 4 block a compare wit block a n block b..
by *superman on 28 May 2009
guy im also gots some trible…u think this place so good haa tu stay..coz bank alway call me like 1 to treat i do not pay 1 year..very2 bullsh##t..
n 1 thing this place got cacatan ha…
by *jay on 01 Jun 2009
i m 1 of the buyer, its investment for me, block C. Lepas tu i pun introduce member member i under the BGB scheme…sampai aku dapat 3 member i sign up for the deal. tapi sampai sekarang mereka tak bayar BGB i….emm betul ke Magna nie…i rasa not confident lah dgn magna nie
  • 1.5
by *sharifah on 05 Jun 2009
teruk! menyesal tak guna…
by *ain on 13 Jul 2009
hai just want to know de kosong lg x igt nk beli la tp nk pling murah hehe takot bajet x ckup jer…
leh send x kt sy pnya email
by *syazwan on 21 Jul 2009
hi all,
when i googled magna ville, there are a lot of complaint n unsatisfied from most of buyers. As i’m one of the buyer, i’m quite disappointed of what have gone so far. I wish it will be a good investment as advertised by Magna..
by bryan_eng(1) on 28 Jul 2009
Hi people,
Would just like to share with you a property at Bandar Baru Selayang…
Have a look at this forum for more info
  • 4.0
by showa2016(1) on 30 Jul 2009
hi guys…
im 1 of the buyer also,is it true that magna ville selayang is not too good?
by *shariff on 03 Aug 2009
i think the site omost completed,
anyone know when can get the keys?
  • 3.0
by faizal_ibrahim(1) on 04 Aug 2009
almost completed mybe on september or november.
i also 1 of buyer mgna selayang..
anybody interested to invest? i wnt let go my unit bcause of workplace, i’ll move to singapore so if anyone want to buy my unit just send me a mssage to faizal.ibrahimfx{@}
my unit is C4 type 936sft block B level 7.
please contact me if anybody interested.
  • 3.0
by *showa2016 on 10 Aug 2009
anybody know hows the process to sell the unit that we have purchase?is it a complicated proess to handover the documentation and etc..
  • 1.5
by nornadia314(1) on 11 Aug 2009
hye all
i just join this forum n i’m 1 of the buyer..
i’m agreed that the house ceiling is low b’coz i’ve just visit my house lately n it is not as what they mention b4.their finishing quality also is not as standard as other condo…look like cheap house.
i’m dispointed with them b’coz they used my house as a show unit without telling u think its ok?
nin,can u email me the photo to
by ninie5252(1) on 12 Aug 2009
i’m also the buyer of magna ville.upset to hear all the bad news coz i’m far away from selayang.i’m from jitra,kedah.but is that true???i buy the investment unit .
by *mieesan on 18 Aug 2009
I’m also bought 1 unit at magna villa, block B. But I’m not sure when it suppose to finish. me maybe after it done maybe will sell it or maybe rent it. depend on market value. so did u guys know when it will done? can’t afford pay 2 house now..
  • 3.0
by *ema on 22 Aug 2009
Hi….i am 1 of the buyer also…
when the they can release the key??? i cant wait….this is my 1st house actually…hopefully it is not as bad as we heard and think…
by aze(1) on 01 Sep 2009
siap ni nak jual !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sape nak beli
by *noname on 11 Sep 2009
anyone has any idea how is the progress? will it be delayed?
  • 2.0
by faizzab(1) on 26 Sep 2009
hye all
i just join this forum n i’m 1 of the buyer..
kalau teruk sangat kita adukan kat pihak yg berkenaan
by *zizi on 29 Sep 2009
hai all, im also 1 of the magna ville buyer , i both 1 unit …...... is that true the ceiling is very low , if im not mistake their is a standard size to follow rite? otherwise AR would not approved & sign the certificate rite? pls rite me if im wrong ok…....... u all sure this property is not good? any latest news on the progress
by *david on 06 Oct 2009
we have created a yahoo group for magna ville buyers
pls have time to join our group, thanks
by *ct on 14 Oct 2009
Hi.. I’m also 1 of the buyer.. I bought type A2 unit, block B, 1st floor..Just now I went to magna ville show unit to see whether all the comment above are true.. I think the ceiling is ok.. the rooms are also ok..just like what I’ve been told.. And 1 more thing, did they (MV) mention to you guys that there are 2 types of tiles wif 2 different prices and they let you to choose right? I think there is no problem with that also.. I just can hope that our house it is not as bad as we heard.. relax ar guys! ceria la sket..
by *anonymouse on 31 Oct 2009
i really want to invest in selayang.. a few years from now i beleive selayang will become hot market same like puchong.. may i know the current price for this property?
by batumude(1) on 31 Oct 2009
I bought type B2 block B.
I want to sell when construction completed.
Anybody interested can call me at
by anu27(1) on 09 Nov 2009
Dear All,
If you need ID & Renovation services, please kindly do contact us or feel free to drop by our show house at Suite B-6-10, Selayang Point Condominium, Batu Caves (Opposite Selayang Hospital)
Contact Details:
aNu 013-3380644 (Design Consultant)
kRisH 019-8194149 (Project Manager)
Please kindly do call us to fix an appointment to view the show house.
Services : Design & Concept | Renovation | Furnishing | Fixture & Fittings
We are offering a reasonable renovation services with FREE design & concept consultation.
by faam2014(1) on 11 Nov 2009
Hi guyz..I baru get da info.they said maybe we will get the key on Jan 2010 or March 2010..guyz, is it true that magna ville selayang is not too good??uhuhuhuhhu..if it is true i’m very sad..nin,can u email me the photo to
by nizamm(1) on 03 Dec 2009
by *jaja on 17 Dec 2009
by *apool on 14 Jan 2010
hai, saya beli type c, view is ok..but the finishing very bad…i saw last weak…yours comments…..
  • 3.0
by *rizal on 18 Jan 2010
Hi all. I’m also one of the buyer for type c4, block b. So far, i’m always monitor the development for magnaville. From 5star, I can give 3 star. It is not so bad like others say. You must understand your S&P properly and do not expect ‘clean’ environment around your unit during construction/key delivery. It is normal to look ‘dirty’ and unmanage condition. This is from my previous experience in buying properties.
by *deknor on 23 Jan 2010
i’m also 1 of the buyer. I bought type C1, 926 sq feet.
If u all not satisfied…why not we all discuss about maintenance….A magna park Sdn Bhd must be reduce rate for maintenance for the all buyer. I baru jer dapat surat dari bank yang minta installment on 1/2/2010….kunci belum dapat… Last dapat progress billing on 29 julai 2009. Nin plss email to me fhoto magnaville
by *deknor77 on 23 Jan 2010
Risau betui la…i and husband ada beli condo nie, sewa rumah pun lama2 pening gak…bila baca ttg condo ville nie erm tak sedap hati…buleh dapat ka kunci bulan mac 2010 nie…bank installment dah nak mula bayar…member i yg dok area kat situ kata cantik condo tue…tapi ntah la…cam frust pun ade bila dengar mcam2 citer.
by *zanna on 31 Jan 2010
hi i’m one of the buyers.. i heard that the key can collect already.. what you need to do is juz call the developer to collect your key..
  • 4.0
by *phen on 03 Feb 2010
hai dear all frend,
i guess all the contructions is going well,about the keys u have to read the brouchers and their mention completion on march 2010 kan…so now their progress to sent the letter 4 the key 4 block c n b dulu after chinese new years…hey all buyer 4 me umah n facilities dlm 2 k wat with the price we bought last time now pun harga dah melambung…im 1 of the buyer gak…few time i g tgk umah cantik with huge swimming pool…about siling im not sure la…tp most of all k n gud enough with the price yg located kat selayang…so all the reader dont wory if we r the residence there, we can unite kan if there any worng out of agreement right…so mari kite pindah dulu n check it out….mind set korng mesti nak renovation dulu kan…so eventually umah ofcourse cantil…hehehe….k be a neighbour
by *zanna on 04 Feb 2010
hi phen among all of the comment, your comment can make people interested again.. i go n see the hse already.. yup the ceiling is a bit low u can do the plaster ceiling.. furthermore the balcony n yard is small.. but its depends on the room type…
by *Fahmi on 06 Feb 2010
Guys,.. please join magna ville resident at facebook.. u can see many photo inside
by *zanna on 06 Feb 2010
fahmi how 2 joint?? search under magna ville name???
by *zanna on 07 Feb 2010
thankz fahmi i found it..
by *mhanqa on 12 Feb 2010
saya salah seorang buyer juga…..mcm xbest je dgr byk citer yg unsatisfied ni…hopefully everything ok….sbb this is my 1st house….excited nak masuk rumah baru…tp….....
by msatvin(1) on 15 Feb 2010
hi im one of the buyer for the condominium as well . B2 16th floor, when are we getting the keys guys? i can’t wait to see how is it look like once ready.. how much is the value for the condominium now? do u guys think we can fetch a higer rental if give for investment?
Can i get the progress of the picture if u don’t mind at my email address
by *zanna on 16 Feb 2010
msatvin u joint us in facebook- search under magna ville resident u can see all the photo there…
by *Neois00 on 19 Feb 2010
Hello people..just received my access payment last 2 weeks as promised by d developer..I owned a unit at Blok B..I went there n collected it myself..
by *msatvin on 20 Feb 2010
eRrrr.. how do i knoe if i too have access payment to claim, need help in this guyss? TQ
by *Neois00 on 22 Feb 2010
msatvin..The sales advisor should let u know before u bought d house..its all included on the agreement form..keep in touch wif ur sales advisor n ask em’ bout it…or u can go directly to d dveloper ofiz..tq..
  • 1.0
by *deknor77 on 06 Mar 2010
i dah amik kunci…teruk la developer magnaprima…tak de kualiti magnaville condo…barang spt sinki, pintu, tombol pintu semua barang2 murah, cam beli longgok jer…
ntahlah….nak complain kat maner lagi neh…
by aprilfool1804(1) on 08 Mar 2010
I too bought a Casa Prima Condo at Kepong from this Developer and faced the same problem as most of you here. Low ceiling and a lot of things that was shown in flyer and show house does not match with the actual house.
This developer is really sucks and should not purchase anything from this developer ever again.
by *superman on 08 Mar 2010
fucker..when they cll must answer..’’
when i call ,haram jadah x angkat2 ht phone..’‘
  • 3.0
by *john86 on 10 Mar 2010
the property is not so good…everything is money…............
by afins(2) on 11 Mar 2010
Plz join us at facebook – magna ville resident..
by *superman on 11 Mar 2010
sial cll x penah nak angkat’’
  • 2.0
by *yat on 18 Mar 2010
hi all, i wanted to rent the house (2R 2BR) and today i went to magnaville, they show me Block A 10th floor. For me it’s ok but the rental is not suitable for the conditions. I don’t like the view @ balconi, and from the dry yard, I can see the next house 2nd room. without grill and safety. any suggestion?
anyone have condo (2R 2BR) to be rent, please contact me @ 012-6297128.
by *james on 18 Mar 2010
Magnaville was a dream but come out to be a disaster and not at all up to the buyer money spent for the unit. I bought the biggest unit worth RM 322190.00. The finishing was unprofessionally done by the unlearned and unqualified enginering who pay money for their certificate from an uknown university. The contractor sucked people money without thinking about the consquences. MPS should be sued for giving this unethical and irresponsible Magna Park Sdn Bhd. ( 227337-X)company and contractor this project. The MPS official who gave the C.F. for this company should check the building structure and finishing before issuing the C.F. I belief that they are just sitting at their table and approve the C.F. without visiting the site of the project. Irresponsible people. All residents of Magnaville should be united to bring this type of company to justice and stop exploiting the customers ( buyers). This matter should be discussed in the parliment so that new enactment should be implemented for the benefit of Malaysia future generation house owner. Thank you.
by afins(2) on 18 Mar 2010
Mr james, u can join us on this sunday 21/3/10 at 11am for resident meeting at club house.For more info u also can join us at FB (Magna Ville Resident)
by *john86 on 19 Mar 2010
hei guys u no i went to magna ville visit my house the fucking security blady rude and like indian gangster like i visit his house.better we have meeting and change the new security management….they are unprofesional security…....
by *jhbr on 19 Mar 2010
hi & salam to all owners of MV.. i too bought a unit in
block A. The finishing is not at all good.
I request all to make complaints to the managements regarding their maintenance chages … coz we agreed maintenace fee for good quality condo and NOT for low cost apartment..!!
by *Tony on 20 Mar 2010
You bought the home, The home is your, But you still controlled by management ( developer ) how you said that you are have the freedom…
You see, How rude the security at front gate…I saw They are just use the finger sign to ask the driver to go stand….
by *bros on 22 Mar 2010
OMG!! am a 1st timer buyer…am going over this sunday to view the unit….dun really know what to expect….v worried though
by *aleeysa on 23 Mar 2010
bros….dun worry, u go 1st , then see all view….what types of sqft u bought??? i already bought da biggest sqft ,block A , but im very frustrated…My house not good quality condo and seem like low cost apartment..!! We have no freedom…2 make any decision…especially bout the stupid door PENJARA PUDU….hhuhuhuh…so bad…!!!!!
by *yat on 26 Mar 2010
Anyone have apartment / condo @ selayang magnaville for rent?
2 room / 2 bathroom
i need urgently… call me @ 012-6297128
by *Michael on 29 Mar 2010
I’m one of the tenant at Blok A too. I’m totally disappointed with the developer. The finishing had too much defect. Bad finishing and the price did not match. When i step in, i felt that i m in low cost apartment. I’m renting a service apartment now and the conditions is much much better than current. How do we lodge complain?
by *yat on 30 Mar 2010
Anyone have apartment / condo @ selayang magnaville for rent?
Below than RM700
i need urgently… call me @ 012-6297128
  • 2.5
by *Niey on 31 Mar 2010 worried to see all the negative comments..This is our first house and I can’t wait to move in..
by *aleesya on 02 Apr 2010
hai ….morning.. i too bought a unit in
block A. u all still frust ker coz the finishing is not at all good????? dont worry…coz …..
i nak tanya …u all dah siap renovation rumah ? dah pasang kitchen cabinet?dah decor cornish umah ? i boleh tolong untuk dapatkan harga yang berpatutan …if u interested …., u all can call me.. @ if u all berminat nak tengok rumah i dialu² kan … coz still in progress of renovation… num is 012-2169870 …hope 2 see u there..
  • 0.5
by *john86 on 04 Apr 2010
security is blady rude the way they treat us like we are dog..Hai magna ville pls pls pls remove this security managment if no we will make police report to this security company…pls look into it tq very much….........
  • 1.0
by *Deto on 06 Apr 2010
1)Finishing out.
2)Low ceiling
3)No Astro centralized
4)Maintenance fee to high compare with quality of house/building
5)Flood at block C basement..HuHu..3-4”
6)Summary…really frustrated..
by *James on 07 Apr 2010
Respected buyers. After we have complaint and criticised on the developer’s irresponsible acts upon us I think that we must stop and think of our responsiblity and appropriate actions to be taken one by one to save guard our consumers’ right. When will be the next meeting to discuss the matter. Hope to meet soon. Hope we can cooperate for our betterment. Thank you.
by ita_1503(1) on 13 Apr 2010
hi, so sad to hear all this comment.. i also bought this condo Block A, type C2. otw to move in. see u all there..
by *skr on 15 Apr 2010
Im really dissappointed buying a unit in magna ville as the quality of the house did not commensurate with the purchase price.
It is apparent that most of the material used are cheap materials and the house looked like an apartment rather than a condo.
I had collecetd my keys and had observed the following:-
a) Low ceiling;
b) Dirty walls;
c) Uneven balcony;
d) Cheap sink;
e) apartment type security post (if you look at the brochure, it should be a high brick wall with two post)
by *aleesya on 15 Apr 2010
HI….ita…, skr..n those of buyer…
i 2 bought BLOK A type A1…
dont wory guys…u can renovate@touch up everyting…2 yours house as what u hav dream b4….
im also felt on what ur have thinking NOW during the 1st time i enter my house…...
then after the renovation…everthing could b ok…
mybe end of this months i plan 2 to move in ..
u all can call me..if u r interested to install the cornice, kitchen cabinet, tiles….@ etc….
by susan_d(1) on 15 Apr 2010
i just collected my keys for block c, 18th floor genting view. i was disappointed as it didn’t look like the picture i was painted. i guess it’s still new and i did ask the mngmnt bout the lame exterior color. they said it’ll change yearly. though i havent check the whole place in every inch, i was ok only. the water runs well, no damages on tiles but the balcony was freaking small (2 feet width). i’m going over this weekend to check again but i’ve seen other units renovating and it’s nicely done. looks better once the kitchen is done, add plaster ceilings and etc…..
by Mag(1) on 20 Apr 2010
Do let me know when is the next meeting to discuss further on this issue ? Should look into this matter seriously and fight for our rights.
by *SHAM on 24 Apr 2010
berhati-hati di parking lot,
i baru pindah sana 1minggu sampai motor i cermin, lampu dan minyak kena curi,
name je ade sekurity tapi tak guna..
by *john86 on 26 Apr 2010
the security are all drug headache and they are not profesional…pls magna ville residence we must have a meeting and bring a new security company..the current security company is useless..idiot stupid…..............
by *Crazywong on 05 May 2010
If u need a property agent, pls sms or call me.
017-6821181 Vincent
016-3210378 William
010-9000246 Fracis
by *kamar on 06 May 2010
Hi guys,good day.
Kepada pemilik/owner Magna condominium,jika anda ingin menjual atau menyewakan condo anda sila hubungi di no.012-3285844 atau 013-3004535 terima kasih.
by *mreduan on 15 May 2010
Kepada owner yg memerlukan khidmat agen..sila call/sms – 0192798180..agen hartanah anda..
  • 5.0
by *Hangerman on 19 May 2010
We are the supplier and installer of Malaysian’s top choice Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Clothes Hanger (retractable) with durable n high quality stainless steel.
Interested? Kindly call us at 0123555554 / 0163553354 or visit today.
Thank you.
  • 0.5
by RNEE(1) on 26 May 2010
i bought block A.GRR Scheme.but until now not yet received the cheque for my scheme.keep calling but a lot of reason from after 3 months, i should do something to give them a lesson.JUST WAIT!!!! GOOD NAMES ARE VERY IMPORTANT IN BUSINESS !!!
  • 2.0
by *shan on 02 Jun 2010
i bought in block c. one of the worse developer i’ve seen. very poor finishing. been staying here for 2 months. very poor maintenance. water leaks and collects near lifs, parking lots – repeated complaints – no point. security – sleeping well and eating well. apartment better than this condo.
  • 0.5
by *Elyssa on 07 Jun 2010
Hi…I just wanna rent a condo which 1001 sqf size. Any owner here wish to rent for me which below RM700? i nothing much requirement, just i hope can fixing the gate at the yard there…seem like easy for others to climb in…
Any owner here which can provide me a better price??
by *victor on 07 Jun 2010
Hi,may i know who want to rent his/her house? 1001sf…type C3 including the all Iron ornamental work and rent 650$ (Firm)...??
if can offer that price pls contact me..
016-3199933 Victor
by *john86 on 08 Jun 2010
guys pls have a meeting and remove this security company because i have access card but no point due to the barrier everyday out of point the management give us the access card…the security company is uselessssssssssssssssssss / ssssssssssssssssssstupid i really dissapointed shit i wrongly buy this condo….............................
  • 3.0
by *shahrilismail on 17 Jun 2010
Hi! Magna Ville resident,Im 1 of the buyer for unit C11 with GRR scheme,already seen the unit not so bad oklah. Im also agree with the negatives conmment but what can i do ?They also promised to gives us the cheque on May 2010 but until now still did not received even with a several phone call to them,what shall I do?Do you have a same problem with me or got any solution pls share ..
  • 1.5
by siva(1) on 21 Jun 2010
hi magna ville resident i want to tress about student who staying block B & C THEY USE ALL OUR FACITTLY LIKE SWIM POOL AND GIM WHAT THE POINT WE PAY MAINTANCE FEE …......................
by *dzaquee78 on 26 Jun 2010
Hai I’am an owner for unit C8, just wanna rent out the unit pls call
dzaquee – 012 3387143
by *john86 on 26 Jun 2010
as far as i see there is alot of black skin guys staying there….y wat happen is not safety because they are is dangerous…all the magna ville tenant must make file a case to LAWYER AND SUE THE MAGNA VILLE MANAGMENT/AND ALSO TO SECURITY COMPANY PLS TAKE NOTE.LATER DONT FEEL THANXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
by *siva on 06 Jul 2010
To all residents,
It is dissapointing to see groups of student straying around the pool and gym section during the nite time. I must say, it feel like living in an Uni and not in condo. The place is also not well maintained (dirty) and the lift are seem not to be functioning well at all time.
Hope some restrictions will be placed on the students.
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by superbdean(1) on 09 Jul 2010
hi 1 of the residents here..adoi..macam2 i dh nmpak around here..1st of all,i suke stay kt sini,mmg my place 2 be chosen here..thats for the beginning..but then whenever i nmpak what the fucking hell such a crowded people here??what was goin on here?..i thought there’s something big happening here..but the truth is..students stayin here too?..what place is this actually?..a condo or a hostel??..OMG!!im stayin in a hostel??!!!shouldnt be lar..i thought that this place are gonna be a good condo and will stay as a condo..but then what the hell is goin on Magna let the university rent this 3 blocks for their students??come on guys…klau ye pun nk rent for the university,let the students well known the place they are stayin now..CONDO..not a HOSTEL..please!!..mmg bagus we have a crowd community but not crowded with the students not such a contra of tellin u guys,everybody was a student,but please behave..lepak sane sini around the condo,siang malam..bukan takat dkt kerusi meja,tp dkt playground pun nk jadi tpt diorg lepak ker?..sori kalau ade yg terase but tell me,how u feel kalo balik keje,u nk rest&relax but then what u saw n heard is such a noisy sounds n org lepak sane sini kt condo area..what was that?..students,please behave..psl keadaan umah ni plak,sinki nape sengkek sgt?..bayar punye mahal..nape x siapkn dgn kitchen kabinet,guys?..
by *Robert on 09 Jul 2010
Guys, please join our magna ville resident community in Facebook. We discuss an share lot of stories there.. find us at “magnaville selayang resident”. see u there
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by pooh_2010(1) on 30 Jul 2010
Im a owner of one of the unit at Magnaville. Said is 24 hours security but it seem that the gate will open for any one who want to enter into the condo without proper verification. Is this safe enough for the residents if no tight security? what for we pay for service charges at 0.15 per sf?
wasted our money oli.
Even at nite time, i saw the gate was open and a group of ppl was gathering there together with security guard. Did security guard doing their works or chatting?
by *Joycelyn on 10 Aug 2010
Perhaps we could group a comitte and change the mgt since we are paying of it.
by *john86 on 13 Aug 2010
hai magna tenant pls get reed of the students because there are make use our paying facilities and swiming pool full with them everyday until my kids cannot enjoy but i pay every 3 month….and they are fucking rude.and the security are useless and the management give access card but no point at all… all magna ville resident pls dont pay the management fee every month until the student out from the place…...TO MAGNA VILLE MANAGMENT PLS DO SOMETHING BEFORE WE DO SOMETHING PLS LOOK INTO SERIOUS ISSUE BECAUSE MAGNA VILLE MANAGEMENT USELESS STUPID…....Best Regards John Michael
by *fiza on 15 Aug 2010
house for rent. urgent!pls contact 013-3110349
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by sivaamala(1) on 17 Aug 2010
kepada semua penguni Magna Villa
saya penguni Block C
kita penduduk magna villa tinggal di Condo Atau flat???????
bayar maintance tiap bulan tetepi service teruk…........
ngero sudah banyak tinggal di sini no safaty…tambah
pula pelajar kolej student malam main mercun.kawasan setinggal mereka jadi kotor. hisap rokok buang sana sini
by *wiwie on 25 Aug 2010
Nak cari sewa kat magnavilla…
Syill ade kosong tak..
Urgent !!!!
Pls contact me at /
Thank you very nice…...
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by samudera59(1) on 26 Aug 2010
I am a new resident of block C…
Actually i didn’t realise i was moving in to a condo until i read comments here and another forum on this property. I thought it’s a flat/apartment with a sort of ‘clubhouse’..nothing fancy….I used to live in a condo at the other end of klang valley. It was different altogether. We have pools with lifeguard/ dobi shop/ sauna/friendly and courteous clean smart and fit security guards. The guards were trained for emergency cases and first aids.
I really feel sorry for you owners…with rude sour-faced guards you are having, I don’t quite know how long i can tolerate living around here.
by *john86 on 29 Aug 2010
woi blady hells wat the hell magna ville management doing are u guys sleeping or makan gaji buta bodoh…jangan lah sampai penduduk buat mogok suruh budak student kluar tak nak dengar dah pula skrg ada negro… stupid pls wake up lah stupid idiot…...........
by *sivamala on 01 Sep 2010
hi magna villa resident please change the security they are useless person… self i know what they doing…............. change the security guard…...........
by *john86 on 02 Sep 2010
woi stupid listen lah wat the tenant said….y u guys so stuburn..wait we going have a meeting for not paying the maintainence fee.and u guys no the feeling….......JUST WAIT FOR IT
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by *pooja on 03 Sep 2010
im very dissappointed!!!!!!!!!!1
y magna villa management so lazy n dum???????
y nows day lots of negro n student in magna???????
last monday on 30 aug i sam sum blady negro disturbing girls near swimming fool….feel unsecured to stay there
sumore d lift smelly like SHIT!!!!!!
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by *mieesan on 06 Oct 2010
How disappointed when looking all finishing at Magna Ville.. I’m agree with pooja, this not a condo, but look like a Cheap Flat..
all promise given during promotion, is NOTHING.. All Magna Ville buyer, please come on our meeting this Saturday. Hope we can sort out on this matter.. We need at least 270 resident to come that day.
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by *SAM on 15 Nov 2010
by dick(1) on 10 Dec 2010
I would like the management to look into the air pollution happening around the condo, the smells we receive is so unbearable.
We would appreciate if the management will take necessary action towards the above mentioned case as it’s really effect our health.
Dick, and Otu.
by *Mk on 30 Dec 2010
Condo needed Urgently:
Hi all, I want to rent at the MV condo, A1 A2 rm750, urgent write:
by magrenter(1) on 20 Feb 2011
i’m renting at magnaville and worried about security
i want to use pool but not sure it’s safe. how often do they test the water?
can renters come to the resident meeting or do you have to be owner?
by *Michelle on 27 Mar 2011
Think to find a house about 210-220k from level 3 to level 8… If anyone getting to sell pls contact the num. 016-3208321/016-3789232… Thanks
by *hafdi on 13 May 2011
hai, saya sebagai pemilik di Blok A, tingkat 7 ingin menjual kediaman saya dengan harga RM220K. 926Sf.
No.Fon: 016-3553020.
by *UnifiTeam on 16 May 2011
im rudy from TM UNIFI agent..currently we doing some promotion in the magnaville condo..
if someone here would like to apply UNIFI internet services..
i would gladly to help u here to install UNIFI at your home..
any application please give me a call or leave me a sms to my number..
010-709 7640 RuDy
019-558 9767 Awien
by nena(1) on 09 Jun 2011
i also stay in magnaville….currently thinking bout to move out…dis place are really terrible….lots of niger….i heard a lot story bout people there….’perangai x serupa org’ the management as well so lembap….security change again…now they hiring bangla people…they got permit ka to work as security?where got bangla working as security?the management also i heard dont have a lisences….wat type of management is dat???
by Derric(1) on 25 Aug 2011
I’m looking to buy a unit for own stay… budget 220k. Preferably at middle floor. 012-3579918.
by shukrii02(1) on 15 Sep 2011
hi..i got a unit to rent out blok B type D1 ( 1025sqft)
t has 3 rooms with 2 bathrooms.
This unit is Fully Furnished with all the facilities you will need. You can move in with only your luggages.
interested email at
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by *faiza on 22 Sep 2011
alot offuckin nigers in magna ville condo
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by *faiza on 22 Sep 2011
halau semua negro muka buruk ni keluar dari magna ville..perangai macam binatang
by *yusri on 23 Oct 2011
setuju ngan faiza…
camne la nk halau diorg nih…rimas la…siape dok kt blok A tu mcm kt afrika jer…senggal punye negro lahanat…
by *Allen on 27 Oct 2011
its quite unfortunate that people just write review base of personal issues. Students are humans like you. they pay for accommodation and utility. You owners are just some freaky assholes looking for excuses. I have lived in this condo for 1 year. i knw the number of times i go to the pool. yet why should i complain this is a CONDOMINIUM. Not a private house with a private pool…U illitrate back off and stop talking trash here
by henrylee(1) on 01 Dec 2011
Magna ville. I have one unit 936 Sq Fit, Fully Kitchen cabinet with hood & hob, Grill, lighting, air-condition and fan. Looking for malay customer only. Because this is Bumi lot and down payment only need to pay RM1000, Free S&P legal fee.
If need more information. Please send to my email address.
by *mbk on 05 Dec 2011
I need to rent the condo urgently. Monthly 600-700.
by 5avante(1) on 16 Jan 2012
I heard that Magnaville is changing new management company, not sure how good/bad they will be. Perhaps we as owner(s) or resident(s) can talk to the new management and our JMC regarding our problem(s). But if we want better environment to live in, we oso need to corporate w/ the JMC and Management Co. oso.
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by ipohmali(1) on 18 Jun 2012
Saya dlm proses utk beli kondo ni.Mcm2 komen negatif yg saya baca.Yg positif sikit je.Saya dah survey kondo2 sekita Lembah Klang yg boleh nmpk bandaraya KL.Hanya Magna ville yg ok dan sesuai dgn harganya.Mula2 saya bercadang nak beli Symphony Height Kondominium sebelah dgn Gotong kat Bt Caves.Mmg cantik & nmpk KLCC.Mcm2 kemudahan ada.Saya mmg dah nak beli.TAPI….jumlah unit terlalu banyak, gerenti berebut2 nak guna kolam,gym,sauna dll.Jln keluar utk ke mana hanya 2 saja sama ada belok kiri atau kanan dekat simpang warta @ masjid.sblum kondo ni dibuat sesak punya teruk.BAYANGKAN… Harga RM265k utk 900 sf.Kalau korang ada tmpt lain bgtau saya, di manakah kondo yg below RM250k di sekitar Selayang & Melawati.Ttg negro plak.Mana2 tmpt pun skrg ni di Lmbah Klang penuh dgn mrk.Dari rumah setinggan hinggalah Kondo mewah.Mmg saya pun x suka.kalau nak betul2 ok & privacy ada kondonya tapi RM300k ke atas.Maaf saya x mampu. Tq bye.
by *hafiz on 10 Jul 2012
926sf tingkat 7 blok A $222k. 016-3553020
by *Din on 03 Jan 2013
Dah beli kondo ni. Baru2 ni ade putus bekalan elektrik di tingkat 10 Block B. Banyak barang elektrik rosak. Bila complain pada management, management cakap tanya developer office. Bila complain pada developer office, developer office suruh complain pada TNB pulak. Last2 kena repair barang2 tu dengan duit sendiri. Lantai bilik air tingkat atas bocor pun belum repair. Kalau ada masalah dalam rumah, tak payah la complain pada management. Mmg takkan dapat pape result yang positif. Bila compain, ini je lah jawapan JMC “duit maintenance yang resident bayar hanya untuk common area. Dalam rumah kita tak tanggung” HAMPEH…!!!
  • takde star langsung untuk JMC magnaville
by *ipohmali on 14 Jan 2013
ye ke Din? ni yg risau ni. kalau mcm ni rugi le. byk duit nak guna utk repair barang elektrik yg rosak. Saya dah beli tingkat 18 blok C. setakat ni alhamdulillah semuanya ok. cuma lantai bilik air yg x betul masuk ke lubang. air bertakung atas lantai. dua-dua bilik air mcm tu. saya minta management repair mrk kata dah lbih setahun so gerenti dah xde. nasib…..