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Bandar Putera 2 Klang, Alpinia @ Bandar Putera 2 Klang, Klang, Selangor

posted by d_luaz
3.79 rating from 19 votes.
Project Area Bandar Putera 2 Klang
Property Type Terrace Link (1 storey)
Location Bandar Putera 2 Klang, Klang, Selangor
Tenure of Land Leasehold
Price RM 165,800 – 2,628,007
  • 20X70, 3r2b
Bumi Discount 7 %
Total Unit 210
Completion Date September 2011
Contact No. 03 5161 8833
Property Developer Malayapine Estates Sdn Bhd
Active Date 10 September 2009

by *alfiyan on 29 Jan 2011
103 block 12 sek 18 shah alam selangor
Contribute: 2 by vino0505 on 25 Nov 2011
Im vinothiny one of your customer was bought a house at Bandar Putera 2, Taman Alpinia.
Very disappointed because house key didnt get yet.
how long your inspection will running off.
every time i call the sales man, he says still under inspection.
when will get the key…...? because we rentting now the other place and need to pay both side.
please be fast to get key.. I hope u understand our situation.
Contribute: 2 by vino0505 on 25 Nov 2011
whan will get the key
by *dilah on 05 Mar 2012
when will get the key??????????????
by *TU on 08 Mar 2012
i think by end of this month
by *Ahmad on 08 Mar 2012
ramai yg dah dapat kunci..cuba cek di pejabat mereka tanya dengan mr Chuah 0193638874
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Property Features

  • Close to Klang Town, Westport, Shah Alam & Subang Jaya
  • Access to KESAS Highway via Jalan Kebun Interchange, plus an alternative toll-free road to Shah Alam & Subang Jaya
  • Minutes to North-South Central Link, NKVE & LKSA
  • Access to Jalan Banting via Jalan Johan Setia/Jalan Masjid
  • Near convenience like SMK Jalan Kebun & SK Kg. Johan Setia, SJK Chung Hua, Kota Kemuning, AEON Shopping Centre, Econsave Supermarket, proposed new Carrefour Hypermarket at Bukit Rimau
  • Wide car porch for 2 cars parked side-by-side
  • Spacious living hall & master bedroom


Location Map
Location Map
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by *ida on 29 Nov 2011
same 2 me, when will get the key
  • 2.0
by *awa on 02 Dec 2011
i also disappointd because didn’t get the key
They promise on Sept 2011….
My monthly payment with the bank are also increase..
Because aggreement promise on Sept/Oct 2011 will ready…
by antoo_fighter515(2) on 03 Dec 2011
dah la lambat dapat kunci…pakai meter air pukal lak tu…wth!!!!
by antoo_fighter515(2) on 07 Dec 2011
first project pon xdpt kunci lg…dah bkk project lain pulak…wtffff
by *persona_2741 on 28 Dec 2011
yup..aku setuju sangat2..bile nak dapt kunci nie….
  • 1.5
by *hazzel_klang on 06 Jan 2012
ble nk dpt kunci??ari tu call kate da dpt cf..hope cpt la proses utk dpt kunci…
  • 0.5
by *yan on 06 Jan 2012
kenapa lambat sangat nak serah kunci,saya tengok rumah pun dah nak berkulat,//??????????

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