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Property Prices & Statistics for
Jalan Ampang Hilir, Kuala Lumpur (Condominium - Lanson Place) @ Kuala Lumpur

Estimated Property Price and Rental for Last 6 to 12 Months (since Dec 2010)

Price PSF | QuantityN/A
Asking Price | QuantityN/A
Asking Rental | QuantityRM7136 | 5
Total Posting7

Property Statistical Detail

Land TitleFreehold (100%)
PositionIntermediate (91%), Corner (6%)
FurnishPartial (36%), Full (36%), None (27%)
Built-up Area (s.f.)1600 (47%), 1800 (23%), 2900 (13%)
Built-up DimensionN/A


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Historical Property Prices & Rentals

Month$ PSF | QtyPrice | QtyRental | QtyPosting
Dec 2010N/AN/A6,250 | 22
Nov 2010N/AN/A5,200 | 37
Oct 2010N/AN/A5,600 | 23
Aug 2010N/AN/A8,500 | 34
Jul 2010N/AN/A7,950 | 1016
Jun 2009N/AN/A11,000 | 11

Latest Property Postings

DateBuilt Up (sf)PositionFurnishLand TitlePrice PSFPriceRental
20-12-20101600PenthousePartial,Air-Con -N/AN/A7,500
14-12-20101800IntermediatePartial -N/AN/A5,000
29-11-20101800IntermediateFull -N/AN/A9,000
29-11-20101600IntermediateFull -N/AN/A7,000
25-11-20101600IntermediateFull -N/AN/A7,000
09-11-20101600IntermediateFull -N/AN/A7,000
09-11-20102900IntermediateFull -N/AN/A10,000
09-11-20101600IntermediateFull -N/AN/A6,000
03-11-20101600CornerFull -N/AN/A5,000
31-10-20101600IntermediatePartial -N/AN/A6,000
13-10-20101600IntermediateExtension -N/AN/A5,200
29-08-20101800Intermediate - -N/AN/A8,500
29-08-20101800Intermediate - -N/AN/A8,700
21-08-20101600IntermediateFull -N/AN/A7,000
16-07-20101600IntermediatePartial -N/AN/A5,500
12-07-20101858Intermediate - -N/AN/A8,500
12-07-2010 -Intermediate - -N/AN/A12,700
12-07-2010 -Intermediate - -N/AN/A8,700
07-07-20101650IntermediatePartial -N/AN/A5,000
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