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Taiko Properties Sdn Bhd @ Ipoh, Perak

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Developer Name Taiko Properties Sdn Bhd (222811-D)
Location Ipoh, Perak

Address No 1, Jalan Zarib 8, Zarib Industrial Park , Ipoh 31500 Perak
Contact No. 05 3236 622
Fax No. 05 3236 633
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Zone Seri Bougainvillea , Phase 3.1DBandar Seri Botani, IpohPerak249-371KTerrace LinkFree2010-07
Zone Seri Palma, Phase 2.7BBandar Seri Botani, IpohPerak342-519KSemi DetachedFree2010-06


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by Disgruntled(1) on 09 Oct 2009
Bandar Seri Botani property developer is cheating all the purchaser with their promo features only to be found out later that it’s poor in quality, shoddy workmanship, poor service and cheap building materials used till to the unskilled worker being employed in building your dream home.
What they built after inking purchasing is a complete different state as compare to show houses with bad flooring, leaking roof, rotten roof truss, waving wall, bad measurement, smaller built up, poor quality materials, blocked sewage and damaged utilities welcome you.
Then there’s a no complaint policy for defect will be entertained if surpass two pages and continued complaint or a lackadaisical repair on selected defective area will be awarding your new home which will further damaging your flooring.
Is this what you want from your dream home developer.
You better believe it. Its no lie.