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Sime UEP Development Sdn Bhd @ Subang Jaya, Selangor

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Developer Name Sime UEP Development Sdn Bhd
Location Subang Jaya, Selangor

Address 6th Floor, Wisma UEP, Jalan USJ 10/1A, Pusat Perniagaan USJ 10
Contact No. 03 8024 0088
Fax No. 03 8024 9311
Parent Company Sime Darby Group

by *jaceytok on 12 Jan 2010
Tok Ah Hong(Jacey)
7 Jalan 7/27B, Desa Setapak
53300 KL
Contribute: 102 by izzhar_RHB on 06 Jul 2011
As-salam dear all.
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Contribute: 261 by nik_alrajhi on 06 Dec 2011
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Contribute: 1 by keap2ho on 27 Feb 2012
regarding the project Pinggiran USJ, Iris, may i know still got any balance floor tile for living to sell or not?
Or may i know the code and brand for the aforesaid tile.
Kindly reply.
Thank you.
Mr. WK Ho
(H/P: 012-282 6870)
Contribute: 46 by nasha on 16 Aug 2012
Hi there…
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I can also be reachable via fb at
Thank you.
Best regards,
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PJ City Development
Contribute: 38 by laurea.shahalam on 07 Nov 2013
Salam & Hi!
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