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Setia Indah Sdn Bhd @ Johor Bahru, Johor

posted by d_luaz
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Developer Name Setia Indah Sdn Bhd (185555-H)
Location Johor Bahru, Johor

Address Wisma S P Setia, No. 1, Jalan Setia Tropika, Taman Setia Tropika, Kempas, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor
Contact No. 07 2372 255
Fax No. 07 2372 225
Parent Company S P Setia Berhad

Contribute: 102 by izzhar_RHB on 18 Jun 2011
hai all..
if any of u need home loan for housing loan. u can sms/contact me on 0176387515
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Property Projects

Setia Tropika, Caryota CoopSetia Tropika, Johor BahruJohor374-574KTerrace LinkFree2010-05
Setia Tropika, Caranday MondrianSetia Tropika, Johor BahruJohor464-852KTerrace LinkFree2009-11
Setia Tropika, Alexandre Geometric Setia Tropika, Johor BahruJohor318KTerrace LinkFree2009-11
Setia Tropika, Caryota ZestSetia Tropika, Johor BahruJohor283KTerrace LinkFree2009-11
Setia Tropika, Caryota D'LoftSetia Tropika, Johor BahruJohor374KTerrace LinkFree2009-08
Setia Indah, 180 Degree IISetia Indah, Johor BahruJohor391-489KTerrace LinkFree2009-09
Setia Indah, 360 Degree IIISetia Indah, Johor BahruJohor441-589KTerrace LinkFree2010-05
Setia Indah, 90 Degree ISetia Indah, Johor BahruJohor264KTerrace LinkFree2009-09
Setia Indah, 90 Degree IISetia Indah, Johor BahruJohor285KTerrace LinkFree2009-11
Setia Tropika, Caryota TropicSetia Tropika, Johor BahruJohor394KTerrace LinkFree2010-06
Setia Tropika, Caryota DuetteSetia Tropika, Johor BahruJohor245KTerrace LinkFree2011-01
Setia Tropika, Caryota NessSetia Tropika, Johor BahruJohor291KTerrace LinkFree2011-03
Setia Tropika, Dictyo RaveSetia Tropika, Johor BahruJohor297KTerrace LinkFree2011-06
Setia Indah, Axis IISetia Indah, Johor BahruJohor371KTerrace LinkFree2011-07
Setia Indah, 360 Degree IVSetia Indah, Johor BahruJohor300KTerrace LinkFree2011-04
Setia Indah, 360 Degree ISetia Indah, Johor BahruJohor281KTerrace LinkFree2011-06
Setia Tropika, Dictyo EnzoSetia Tropika, Johor BahruJohor426KTerrace LinkFree2011-12
Setia Tropika, Dictyo MezzoSetia Tropika, Johor BahruJohor466KTerrace LinkFree2011-12
Setia Tropika, Fenix VillasSetia Tropika, Johor BahruJohor1.75MBungalowFree2010-09
Setia Tropika, Alexandre D CubeSetia Tropika, Johor BahruJohor437KTerrace LinkFree2011-09
Setia Tropika, Garanday EscherSetia Tropika, Johor BahruJohor499KTerrace LinkFree2012-04
Setia Tropika, Elata ValseSetia Tropika, Johor BahruJohor356KTerrace LinkFree2012-03
Setia Tropika, Elata DolceSetia Tropika, Johor BahruJohor379KTerrace LinkFree2012-06
Setia Indah, 180 Degree 1Setia Indah, Johor BahruJohor409KTerrace LinkFree2012-01
Setia Indah, 360 Degree IISetia Indah, Johor BahruJohor336KTerrace LinkFree2012-05
Setia Indah, 270 Degree IISetia Indah, Johor BahruJohor359KTerrace LinkFree2012-04
Setia Indah, Axis 1Setia Indah, Johor BahruJohor393KTerrace LinkFree2011-09
The Resort @ Fenix Villas, The ResortSetia Tropika, Johor BahruJohor1.44MSemi DetachedFree2013-01
Setia Indah, Guarzo 1 - 2 Storey Cluster HouseSetia Indah, Johor BahruJohor696KSemi DetachedFree2012-08
Setia Indah, Guarzo 2 - 2 Storey Cluster HouseSetia Indah, Johor BahruJohor734KSemi DetachedFree2012-08
Setia Indah, Guarzo 2A - 2 Storey Cluster HouseSetia Indah, Johor BahruJohor695KSemi DetachedFree2012-08
Setia Indah, The Z BungalowSetia Indah, Johor BahruJohor1.30MBungalowFree2013-04
Setia Tropika, The LouvreSetia Tropika, Johor BahruJohor960KSemi DetachedFree2013-02
Setia Tropika, The BridgeSetia Tropika, Johor BahruJohor1.06MSemi DetachedFree2013-02
Setia Tropika, Sky Gardens ResidencesSetia Tropika, Johor BahruJohor336KServiced ApartmentFree2014-02
Setia Tropika, The Glitz @ CarandaySetia Tropika, Johor BahruJohor838KSemi DetachedFree2014-06
Setia Eco Cascadia, The AspenSetia Eco Cascadia, Johor BahruJohor819KTerrace LinkFree2014-12
Setia Eco Cascadia, The ElmSetia Eco Cascadia, Johor BahruJohor873KTerrace LinkFree2014-12
Setia Indah, Sky Oasis ResidencesSetia Indah, Johor BahruJohor316KServiced ApartmentFree2015-06
Setia Tropika, Sky Peak ResidencesSetia Tropika, Johor BahruJohor437KServiced ApartmentFree2015-07
Setia Tropika, SamannaSetia Tropika, Johor BahruJohor3.96MBungalowFree2015-06
Setia Tropika, Cycas - 2 Storey Cluster HomesSetia Tropika, Johor BahruJohor984-1650KSemi DetachedFree2017-09


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