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Perumahan Kinrara Berhad @ Puchong, Selangor

posted by 671123
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Developer Name Perumahan Kinrara Berhad
Location Puchong, Selangor

Address 33, 35 & 37, Jalan BK 5A/2, Bandar Kinrara, 47100 Puchong Selangor
Contact No. 03 8073 7100
Fax No. 03 8073 7070

Contribute: 1 by AIKMEI on 08 Jul 2010
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by *CHITRA on 28 Jul 2010
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Contribute: 2 by Lingesvran on 27 Apr 2013
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Property Projects

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Bandar Kinrara, Phase 4D5 - Kinrara Straits OneBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor1.68-4.00MShop OfficeFree2010-01
Bandar Kinrara, PermaiBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor380-750KTerrace LinkFree2009-08
Bandar Kinrara, MelodiBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor571-847KTerrace LinkFree2010-08
Bandar Kinrara, JewelsBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor885-1243KSemi DetachedFree2009-12
Bandar Kinrara, Phase MV3 - Villa IdamanBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor830-955KSemi DetachedFree2009-08
Bandar Kinrara, Phase 7A9B - PearlBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor722-825KSemi DetachedFree2009-01
Bandar Kinrara, Phase 9A8 - Kinrara CSIBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor739-1291KShop OfficeFree2009-08
Bandar Kinrara, Phase 9A3 - CahayaBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor244KTerrace LinkFree2009-08
Bandar Kinrara, Phase 9A1 - SenjaBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor369-773KTerrace LinkFree2010-03
Bandar Kinrara, Phase 9A9A - ButikBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor1.14-1.46MBungalowFreeNA
Bandar Kinrara, Phase 7A16 - Bungalow LotBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangorNABungalow LotFreeNA
Bandar Kinrara, Phase 9A9B - Butik 2Bandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor1.26-1.94MBungalowFree2010-12
Bandar Kinrara, Phase 9A2 - SinarBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor396-621KTerrace LinkFree2010-12
Bandar Kinrara, Phase MV1 & MV2 - Seri IdamanBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor390KTerrace LinkFree2011-04
Bandar Kinrara, Phase B41 - DesiranBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor486-651KTerrace LinkFree2011-06
Bandar Kinrara, Phase 7A24 - OasisBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor1.59-2.62MSemi DetachedFree2011-10
Bandar Kinrara, Phase 7A13 - SapphireBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor521-1014KTerrace LinkFree2011-10
Bandar Kinrara, Phase B39 & B40 - SentosaBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor463-694KTerrace LinkFree2011-08
Bandar Kinrara, Phase 5A3 - AwanaBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor1.82-1.95MSemi DetachedFree2011-12
Bandar Kinrara, Phase 9A9C - Butik 3Bandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor2.09-3.33MBungalowFree2012-04
Bandar Kinrara, Phase 7A12 - EmeraldBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor729-1726KTerrace LinkFree2012-05
Bandar Kinrara, Kinrara 20 Phase 6A3Bandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor899-1501KShop OfficeFreeNA
Bandar Kinrara, Q'AsehBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor946-1795KTerrace LinkFreeNA
Bandar Kinrara, Chantek Semi-D HomesBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor2.25-3.05MSemi DetachedFree2012-12
Bandar Kinrara, Chinta - 2 Storey Semi-DetachedBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor2.88-3.89MSemi DetachedFree2013-03
Bandar Kinrara, Chinta - 2 Storey BungalowBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor3.89-4.81MBungalowFree2013-03
Bandar Kinrara, Kinrara NiagaBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor2.00-4.92MShop OfficeFree2014-04
Bandar Kinrara, Phase 7A15A - AstanaBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor3.48-5.49MBungalowFree2012-12
Bandar Kinrara, Phase 4D6C - Eight KinraraBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor379-1545KServiced ApartmentFree2016-06
Bandar Kinrara, Phase 7A6 - IramaBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor948-1741KTerrace LinkFree2015-07
Bandar Kinrara, Phase 7A5 - Irama 2Bandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor972-1893KTerrace LinkFree2016-09
Bandar Kinrara, Phase 7A8B - Kinrara AnggunBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor1.87-2.57MSemi DetachedFree2017-01
Bandar Kinrara, Phase 8A5B - Qaseh 2Bandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor2.13-3.14MSemi DetachedFree2016-09
Bandar Kinrara, Phase 4D6A - Ten KinraraBandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor474-912KServiced ApartmentFree2020-10
Bandar Kinrara, Phase 6B4 - Rimbun 2Bandar Kinrara, PuchongSelangor919-1364KTerrace LinkFree2019-07


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