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Kemajuan Masteron Sdn Bhd @ Puchong, Selangor

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Developer Name Kemajuan Masteron Sdn Bhd (228939-X)
Location Puchong, Selangor

Address No. 16, Jalan Industri Mas 3, Taman Mas, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
Contact No. 03 8060 0999
Fax No. 03 8060 0666
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Elite Apartment, ApartmentTaman Mas Puchong, PuchongSelangor135-234KApartmentLease2009-06


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25 Jul 2011
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Dear sir / mdm,
A very good day sir.
I am chong here, my wife have make a booking for
one of your apartment unit N-10-12 near puchong (Sales Counter at bandar puchong puteri inside Gaint hypermarket)
, and we have paid RM500.00 cash. The name of you apartment is call ” Calisa Residences ”
but my wife fail to get approve the housing loan from the bank.
The problem is the Sales person name ” Derrick ”
told me If my housing loan NOT approve Masteron sdn bhd will only refund the down payment RM400.00
and RM100.00 is for working fee. So we both agree what he said.
At the end he told not to worry he will ask banker to call us for the housing loan.
we are so happy to have this kindly of service.
After 2 week later, We NOT receive any call from banker.
So we call the sales person., he told us to get the banker by ourself.
and we get our banker too. But at last my wife Housing Loan Not getting any approved from banker.
We call the sale person again said we really give-up. and can you refund the down payment for us.
Until now, we have not receive any respond. Pls told me what i need to do?
I feel cheat on this deal. Can you help ?
One morething when i was there one of other client same situation with me.
Same problem.
My wife Detail:
Name: Ting Hui Ngiik (Karen)
Tel: 012-6700938
I.C : xxxxx-13-5084
Thank you,
My Best Regards,
Edward Chong



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