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Dynasty View Sdn Bhd @ Johor Bahru, Johor

posted by 671123
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Developer Name Dynasty View Sdn Bhd (644369-M)
Location Johor Bahru, Johor

Address Seri Austin, Off Jalan Setia 1, Johor Bahru, Johor
Contact No. 07 3541 111
Parent Company UMLand Bhd

by *msuhaizan on 14 Mar 2010
i’m looking for the Landscape Architect position in your company, please reply my massage if the position available.
by *msuhaizan on 14 Mar 2010
i’m looking for the Landscape Architect position in your company, please reply my massage if the position available.please contact my phone 017-7331682 or email
by *Q on 13 Oct 2014
Dynasty take people deposit dont want to refund back.
Bad company!
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Property Projects

Seri Austin, Seri Austin Residence Seri Austin, Johor BahruJohor215-544KApartmentFree2015-03
Seri Austin, Arista ISeri Austin, Johor BahruJohor239KTerrace LinkFree2009-09
Seri Austin, Arista IISeri Austin, Johor BahruJohor242KTerrace LinkFree2010-03
Seri Austin , Deanna IISeri Austin, Johor BahruJohor300-552KTerrace LinkFree2011-07
Seri Austin , Vanda - Cluster HomeSeri Austin, Johor BahruJohor330KSemi DetachedFreeNA
Seri Austin , Amanda 1Seri Austin, Johor BahruJohor297KTerrace LinkFree2011-12
Seri Austin , Amanda 2Seri Austin, Johor BahruJohor304KTerrace LinkFree2011-12
Seri Austin , Deanna IIISeri Austin, Johor BahruJohor287KTerrace LinkFree2011-11
Seri Austin , Avenue 1Seri Austin, Johor BahruJohor387-1051KShop OfficeFree2010-03
Seri Austin, Alisma 1 & Alisma IISeri Austin, Johor BahruJohor307KTerrace LinkFree2012-02
Seri Austin, EmerySeri Austin, Johor BahruJohor390KTerrace LinkFree2013-02
Seri Austin, Citrine 1 & Citrine 2 - 2 Storey Cluster HouseSeri Austin, Johor BahruJohor562KSemi DetachedFree2013-11
Seri Austin, Citrine - 2 Storey Semi-Detached HouseSeri Austin, Johor BahruJohor691KSemi DetachedFree2013-11
Seri Austin, AmetrineSeri Austin, Johor BahruJohor1.18-1.19MBungalowFree2013-11
Seri Austin, Amethyst 1Seri Austin, Johor BahruJohor463KTerrace LinkFree2014-09
Seri Austin, Amethyst 2Seri Austin, Johor BahruJohor463KTerrace LinkFree2015-02
Seri Austin, Iolite 1 & 2Seri Austin, Johor BahruJohor434KTerrace LinkFreeNA


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