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Andaman Group

posted by mmw_property
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Developer Name Andaman Group

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by *scubaleesk on 21 Nov 2011
Yes I agree that Andaman group is unethical. I purchase 2 apartments then known as Casa Subang apartments with Guaranteed rental return. The commencement of agreeement is on the 1st June 2008 but they rented my units 3 months ahead of the agreement. i discovered they rented out my unit when i went for isnpection on the 5th March 2008 hence requested that i am to be paid for rental commencing on the 1st March 2008 and was then paid in mind June 2008 for the 3 months arrears in rental. everything is okay until recently when i sold my apartments they decided not to pay my last 3 months rental as they claimed that i have taken 3 months advance rental payment from them. The GRR agreement did not provide them the provision or consent to rent my units earlier without any rental payment to me. this is really my hard earn money and i heard many owners had the same problem where their last 3 months rental is not ebing paid. Just imagine if there is 40 apartments rented out earlier by 3 months then they would have gain 120 months free rental at the expense of the apartment owners/buyers. i am really sad and wish to highlight this matter to all concern. Lawrence