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Bandar Setia Alam @ Setia Alam, Shah Alam, Selangor

posted by d_luaz
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Setia Alam is an integrated development spanning over 2,500 acres of freehold land slated to become one of the biggest and best-planned townships in the Klang Valley. Consisting of residential, commercial and institutional parcels, this township is well supported by functional features and facilities that combine an eco-sensitive lifestyle living truly “In Touch with Nature”.

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Property Projects

Bandar Setia Alam, LawsoniaSetia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor527-771KSemi DetachedFree2009-09
Bandar Setia Alam, PradosiaSetia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor375-559KTerrace LinkFree2010-04
Bandar Setia Alam, NectandraSetia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor375-546KTerrace LinkFree2010-04
Bandar Setia Alam, CharismaSetia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor325-558KTerrace LinkFree2010-03
Bandar Setia Alam, ArdisiaSetia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor728-961KSemi DetachedFree2009-10
Bandar Setia Alam, ArudinaSetia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor268-355KTerrace LinkFree2008-06
Bandar Setia Alam, Cestrum 1 & Cestrum 2Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor295-0KTerrace LinkFree2010-06
Bandar Setia Alam, SpartinaSetia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor255-358KTerrace LinkFree2010-06
Bandar Setia Alam, MarsileaSetia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor255-360KTerrace LinkFree2010-06
Bandar Setia Alam, Tectona (Type G & H)Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor628-952KSemi DetachedFree2010-10
Bandar Setia Alam, Azfelia (Type D, E & F)Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor423-673KTerrace LinkFree2010-06
Bandar Setia Alam, AstroniumBandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor378-687KTerrace LinkFree2011-03
Bandar Setia Alam, Nepenthes ABandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor824-967KSemi DetachedFree2011-04
Bandar Setia Alam, Nepenthes BBandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor808-811KSemi DetachedFree2011-04
Bandar Setia Alam, AlbiziaBandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor386-501KTerrace LinkFree2011-03
Bandar Setia Alam, AcidosasaBandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor337-749KTerrace LinkFree2011-02
Bandar Setia Alam, IndosasaBandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor337-545KTerrace LinkFree2011-03
Bandar Setia Alam, Azolia 1Bandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor295-406KTerrace LinkFree2011-05
Bandar Setia Alam, Azolia 2Bandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor295-409KTerrace LinkFree2011-05
Bandar Setia Alam, OxandraBandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor448-591KTerrace LinkFree2011-07
Bandar Setia Alam, XyliaBandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor448-651KTerrace LinkFree2011-07
Bandar Setia Alam, Axillaris A - 2 Storey Linked Semi-DBandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor363-463KSemi DetachedFreeNA
Bandar Setia Alam, Axillaris B - 2 Storey Linked Semi-DBandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor363-463KSemi DetachedFree2011-08
Bandar Setia Alam, Astronium 2Bandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor405-723KTerrace LinkFree2011-08
Bandar Setia Alam, Albizia 2Bandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor405-719KTerrace LinkFree2011-08
Bandar Setia Alam, BambusaBandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor374-553KTerrace LinkFree2011-12
Bandar Setia Alam, BanyanBandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor623-999KTerrace LinkFree2012-03
Bandar Setia Alam, TamalanBandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor623-1189KTerrace LinkFree2012-03
Bandar Setia Alam, Carallia 1Bandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor469-596KTerrace LinkFree2011-04
Bandar Setia Alam, Carallia 2Bandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangorNATerrace LinkFree2011-04
Bandar Setia Alam, Regia 3Bandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor518KTerrace LinkFree2012-08
Bandar Setia Alam, HedyotisBandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor968KSemi DetachedFree2012-08
Bandar Setia Alam, Nevada 3Bandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor450KSemi DetachedFree2012-08
Bandar Setia Alam, RafflesiaBandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor1.59MSemi DetachedFree2010-08
Bandar Setia Alam, GardeniaSetia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor618-814KTerrace LinkFree2012-01
Bandar Setia Alam, Duta VillaBandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor1.63-2.67MTerrace LinkFree2014-05
Bandar Setia Alam, MelastomaBandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor648-875KTerrace LinkFree2013-07
Bandar Setia Alam, Trefoil SoFo(Small Office Flexible Office)Bandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor245-450KOffice TowerFreeNA
Bandar Setia Alam, SerrataBandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor1.19-1.83MSemi DetachedFree2016-04
Bandar Setia Alam, CaffraBandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor865-1426KTerrace LinkFree2016-06
Bandar Setia Alam, Precinct II - FuscaBandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor886-1335KTerrace LinkFree2017-10
Bandar Setia Alam, Edulis - Precinct IIBandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor949-1309KTerrace LinkFree2018-04
Setia City Residences, Tower Adora, Carra & BellaBandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor644-942KServiced ApartmentFree2020-06
Bandar Setia Alam, Decora - Precinct 11Bandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor929-1317KTerrace LinkFree2018-11
Bandar Setia Alam, Eximia - Precinct 11Bandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor1.31-1.90MSemi DetachedFree2018-11
Bandar Setia Alam, Villosa - Precinct 17Bandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor685-1076KTerrace LinkFree2019-06
Bandar Setia Alam, Diantha - Precinct 11Bandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor1.32-1.77MSemi DetachedFree2019-11
Bandar Setia Alam, Elenae - Precinct 11Bandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor870-1279KTerrace LinkFree2019-12
Bandar Setia Alam, Careya - Precinct 17Bandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor585-960KTerrace LinkFree2020-01
Bandar Setia Alam, Adina - Precinct 17Bandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor530-857KTerrace LinkFree2020-03
Setia Alam, Precinct 17 - AlistaBandar Setia Alam, Shah AlamSelangor535-864KTerrace LinkFree2020-05

Property Features

  • Village green (Village green houses playgrounds, tadika and Pusat Rukun Tetangga for ‘Neighbourhood Watch’. ‘Neighbourhood Watch’)
  • Newly opened NKVE-Setia Alam Link connecting Setia Alam to km3.3 of the North Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE)
  • 10 minutes to reach Damansara, 20 minutes to Kuala Lumpur and 45 minutes to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)
  • Upcoming highways in the vicinity include the West Coast Expressway, the Shah Alam-Batu Arang Highway and the New North Klang Valley Expressway (NNKVE)
  • Green fingers (Each residence is not more than one street away to Village Green via Green Fingers)
  • Internal roads are 50 feet wide
  • Natural barriers (lants and water bodies for security)
  • Environment-friendly development+
  • Green street concept (All the utility services, eg. electricity and telephone cablings and drainage systems are concealed underground.)
  • Industrial-Free Zone Development


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